At how much degrees should you wash linens?

How hot do you wash your bed linen? 90, 60 or 30 degrees? What material is your bedding? We will tell you which bedding you can wash like hot.

What happens if you wash bed linen too hot?

If you wash your bedding too hot, the following consequences may result:

  • The sheets are missing. Often, seams and zippers are made of synthetic fibers while the fabric is cotton. Synthetic fibers tolerate less heat than natural fibers. Therefore, it can happen that e.g. If the laundry is too hot, curl the edges. Then practically the seam has come in.
  • The bed linen comes in. Especially linen made of synthetic fiber can quickly shrink at hot temperatures, so shrink. With cotton sheets this is unlikely.
  • The bedding colors. If the laundry is too hot, color particles can be released and thus discolour other garments in the machine. However, this can happen to you if you follow the washing instructions. Especially with new bedding there is a risk that it colors. Wash them especially with the first wash only with the same or dark wash together.
  • Imprints come off. If your bedding has imprints that are stuck to the sheets, so to speak, too high temperatures can cause these prints to peel off.

Care instructions for washing on the label

  • The symbol, which looks like a square bucket with water in it, tells you how hot and how you can wash your clothes.
  • The number in the "water" indicates how hot you can wash your laundry maximum.
  • A line under the bucket recommends washing the laundry in the gentle cycle. Two strokes suggest a special wash cycle.
  • If a hand is put into the water on the symbol, this means that the laundry should be washed by hand and the symbol is crossed out, the laundry must not be washed at all. These last two cases do not occur with bedding.

Wash laundry at 30 degrees

Bed linen made of synthetic fiber should often be washed only at 30 degrees in gentle cycle. In a 30 degree wash, however, bacteria and germs are not efficiently killed. Therefore, make sure when buying that your bed linen is at least 60 degrees washable.

Wash sheets at 60 degrees

The majority of bedding made of natural materials is washable at 60° C. This temperature is quite sufficient to kill the majority of germs and bacteria in the tissue.

Wash bedding at 90 degrees

It is generally not necessary to wash sheets at 90 degrees. 60 degrees are sufficient. However, if you are allergic or have an infectious disease, it may be advisable to wash the sheets at 90 degrees, as permitted by the care instructions.

Ironing and drying

The care label also contains instructions for ironing and drying. The symbol with the small trapeze with handle tells you whether or at which level you can iron your bed linen. One point stands for a low ironing level, three points for a high level. The square with the circle in it indicates whether and how you can dry your sheets in the dryer. One point recommends drying in the gentle program, two points indicate that the bed linen can be dried quite normally.

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