Retrofit a mushroom lock at the patio door

The statistics of recent years make it clear that building protection unfortunately has to be taken very seriously. Many safety components can be retrofitted. So also mushroom head locks for balcony and patio doors. What you should consider when retrofitting mushroom-head locks on your patio door is summarized below.

Everything speaks for the retrofitting of mushroom locks

On average, every three minutes, a burglary offense is committed in Germany. The criminals use the weakest link in the security chain - these are usually windows and patio doors, as well as balcony doors.

In about 80 percent of all break-ins and burglary attempts, the thieves try on a window or a patio door. Nearly four out of five burglaries attempt to pry open the window or the patio door. Therefore, the following elements should have appropriate intrusion protection:

  • basement windows
  • Windows on the ground floor
  • patio doors
  • also requires windows on the first floor
  • Balcony doors at least on the first floor

Balcony and patio doors are equally valued, as burglars on a balcony find enough support to "work".

Not every patio door is suitable for retrofitting

However, the retrofitting of mushroom door locks on patio doors is only possible to a limited extent, as with windows. It must be a patio door, which is already equipped with a revolving Zapfenverrieglung. At least, however, the corresponding window groove must be present at a few locking points (not circumferentially) (often also called Euronut, since in modern windows in most cases available).

Structure of the mushroom-head lock for balcony and patio doors

Around the corners the so-called corner deflections are attached. The gearbox extensions, which are connected to the window gear on the handle side, are fastened to it. These parts are replaced by a conversion of the terrace door.

Depending on which conversion kit you have decided, a new scissor gear is also part of the set. In particular, well-known manufacturers of high-quality mushroom-head locks offer sets in which the scissors gear is also included.

Branded products should be self-evident

At the frame of the balcony or terrace door, the old strike plates must then be removed and replaced with the new fittings. Here, too, the handle pays off for the high-quality branded product, as there are usually stencils with which you can precisely define the drill holes for the new striking plates in the twinkling of an eye. Not to mention the high product quality, which are solid steels, which are also provided with equally high corrosion protection.

Can be retrofitted or retrofitted

The conversion of the patio door to mushroom locks is not very difficult. However, it requires real basic knowledge of window and door mechanics. After all, the patio door needs to be upgraded for retrofitting. A corresponding manual for the retrofitting of mushroom head locks can be found here. You can use the instructions for windows, balcony and patio doors alike.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to know in advance how many locking points are required before retrofitting mushroom door locks for your patio door, you will find more information here.

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