Atmospheric Christmas decoration for the balcony

The Advent is approaching - and the balcony looks pretty dull after the long summer season? That does not have to be! Even in winter, the outdoor seat can develop its full charm, if it is decorated accordingly. Then perhaps it will bring joy again, wrapped in a blanket or with a lit fireplace, to sit outside and relax there. The look of the facade also benefits from the Christmas decoration for the balcony.

Provide for Christmas lighting

LEDs are "in" - and not only because they save power, but also because of their bright, bright light. At Christmas, cool white and blue tones are in high demand.

Lighting networks are particularly suitable for decorating the balcony railing, but also fairy lights with angel figures, icicles or snow stars are real visual highlights. Make sure that your lights are suitable for outdoor use!

For the flower boxes, there is a large selection of solar lights for easy plugging into the earth. How about, for example, with widely radiating solar stars? During the day, the lamps fill up with energy and when darkness falls, they start to shine independently.

Simple but beautiful: simple Christmas decoration as an eye-catcher.

It can be so easy to make a real eye-catcher: Stars made of copper wire that hang from the balcony railing or stuck in the flower boxes are quickly made by yourself and have a magical effect.

Natural decorations such as pine cones, knotty branches and conifer branches always look fancy. In combination with colorful or silver Christmas balls, small bells or large loops, a picturesque wintry composition is created that pleases the eye.

Even illuminated or unlit decoration figures are a "must" for the Christmas decorations on the balcony. An Advent-decorated wreath, hung on a nostalgic wooden or metal sledge, awakens the anticipation of the first snow.

These flowers also bloom in winter

At Christmas, you do not even have to do without a balcony plant, because there are many beautiful winter bloomers that enrich the decoration. This includes:

  • Viburnum
  • Winter jasmine
  • Hellebore
  • Witch Hazel
  • snow Rose
  • white snow rhythm

Tips & Tricks

The most beautiful Christmas decoration for the balcony is still the traditional birdhouse, which of course also exists in modern variants. This brings lively life on the winter outdoor seat!

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