The attachment of a partition wall with a framework

A wooden or metal framework is usually fixed to the floor, ceiling and walls with surrounding profiles. The U-shaped profiles are used for attachment to the vertical columns and horizontal crossbars. On smooth surfaces wooden beams can be screwed directly on.

Basic construction with CW profiles

A stone partition is held by mortar and held to the surrounding surfaces. Additional fittings and anchorages are not required. A stand made of wood or metal needs a secure circumferential fixation for all supports and partial cross struts.

So-called CW-Ständerprofile are u-shaped metal strips, are plugged into the supports and struts and bolted to the side. If the floor is not allowed or should not be damaged, loose CW profiles are possible. If the dividing wall needs to be fastened or fixed without drilling, self-supporting stand movements are possible. They can be attached by gluing and clamping.

Decouple sound transmission

Each attachment point forms a sound bridge between partition wall and touched masonry parts. Beams or profiles are underlaid with absorbent and elastic insulating materials. Special self-adhesive sealing tapes made of felt and plastic take over the function.

Also note the sound bridges caused by anchors and screws. Several options prevent the transmission of sound:

  • Plastic dowels with absorbing properties
  • Plastic anchors and screws
  • Soundproofing screws from the sanitary area

Sources and dwindling

Every item and material responds to moisture and temperature influences by expanding or contracting. When attaching a partition, material-specific swelling and shrinking processes must be taken into account. Many sealing tapes fulfill this function in addition to the sound insulation.

If a partition wall is placed in a room where high humidities and / or larger temperature fluctuations occur, the structure should be adjusted accordingly. Expansion joints can be placed in the stud frame, cushion the movements, absorb them and keep them away from supports and struts. The cladding of the framework should be made waterproof in accordance with the moisture content.

Tips & Tricks

If you integrate a passageway like a door into your partition wall, you can use CW profiles whose ends enable the direct attachment of a frame. Trip hazards in the form of continuous floor profiles or strips should be avoided.

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