Attic conversion: this is how you calculate the costs

If you are planning an attic conversion, you should keep an eye on the costs right from the start. Precise financial planning prevents a cost explosion.

Attic conversion: calculate costs in advance

First of all, you should check the existing building structure: Are renovation work on the roof construction due in advance of the attic conversion? A roofer specialist will provide you with a reliable estimate of this work. The total cost of the following remodeling project will also depend on what type of space you are planning for your attic floor: a lot of labor and materials are spent installing a bathroom or kitchen, while basic living spaces are cheaper.

Prices for the extension of the attic

In many cases, thermal insulation of the roof is required, the material for this costs about 100 to 150 per square meter of roof area. The installation of a dormer is especially worthwhile for attics with low or no existing knee-stick, because here you can gain walk-in floor space. However, this luxury costs quite 5,000 to 10,000 euros, sometimes even more. A simple skylight, however, is available from as little as 300 euros - who can attach it exactly between the rafters, saves the cost of filling gaps or stabilizing the roof structure after sawing the rafters.

Further costs for the attic conversion

In most cases, the attic rooms need new radiators during renovation, so expect about 250 to 600 euros for material and installation work per heater. The electrical work is not quite so expensive, for this you should cover around 250 euros on an average-sized attic floor. The subsequent beautification takes over the homeowner in many cases even, the material is depending on the desired quality differently expensive. So plan on making enough money for the drywall walls, wall paint and wallpapers. Also the floor covering, the room doors as well as all small materials like screws, nails, slats, filler and new to be acquired tool belong in the cost calculation.

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