Expand Attic: What should you think about?

Start planning by drawing a floor plan that shows the intended layout with all the power and water connections available. Mark the places where you want to install new windows and radiators and determine where to install electrical outlets and light switches. Before you expand your attic, you should contact the responsible building authority and submit your plan there: Here you will find out what applications you have to make for your expansion project.

Plan material and time requirements

The next step is the planning of the work to be done: which work steps can you do yourself - and for what do you have to order a specialist company? Get estimates for the work you want to do in professional hands. Put together a list of materials for all work that you would like to take care of yourself. Bring the steps in the right order and discuss their dates with the craftsmen. Add up all the estimated costs to keep track of the financial situation - and expect the expansion could cost 30% more.

The individual work steps

If you want to upgrade your attic, you should first carefully inspect the existing structure and eliminate any defects found. Then you put all connections for water and electricity, straighten a possibly uneven floor and install new skylights. In many cases, a new insulation is needed, then electrical wiring and water and heating pipes are laid. Now you should dress up all the walls and set up your walls to partition the room. Remember the installation of the lights, the light switches and sockets.

Now all that is missing is the finishing touch: smooth the wall surfaces smoothly and bring color to your new rooms - then lay the floor covering. The radiators and sanitary facilities are usually mounted towards the end of the renovation work, followed by the installation of the room doors. Now you can finally take care of setting up your newly developed premises!

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