Build your own outdoor kitchen - that's what you should think about

Finished outdoor kitchens are only available in comparatively small variety - and extremely expensive. If you want something really special and exactly what you want, you can not avoid building your own. Our contribution shows you what you think about and what you should consider when building.

Requirements for the location


To work undisturbed, you should choose a location that is protected from the wind. This can be an area under a canopy, or even an area that lies behind a garden wall, which offers a certain wind protection.

You can also build a simple garden wall as a windbreak, if you have found an optimal place.

weather protection

Weather protection is usually hardly necessary, unless you are using really expensive equipment that you would like to protect against the weather. In general, it is enough to cover the kitchen for the garden a bit if you do not use it.

Necessary connections

In general, you can set up an outdoor kitchen wherever you would otherwise set up your grill. For the sink you only need a water connection. You can heat water for splashing in different ways.

You can also feed the water connection via a hose from the external tap, the drain then leads back to the outlet of the outdoor tap via a drain hose attached to the sink. Ideally, they are not too far away from the kitchen area. Larger hose lengths are still possible in most cases.

Equipment of your garden kitchen

Basically, you should first determine which functions your garden kitchen should have - and how much space you need for each. Basic are:

  • Barbecue
  • Stove (gas stove)
  • kitchen sink

In most cases, a refrigerator makes sense. Here, however, you should first decide whether you just want to keep bottles cool, or actually want to store food (such as barbecue) right next to your garden kitchen.

Theoretically, of course, this is possible - but in many cases it is not worth the effort for some parties. To transport grilled food and bottles out of the house into the garden is usually not that big a task, and to keep the drinks cool in the summer, you can also use a simple cooler box.

Outdoor refrigerator

There are also special outdoor refrigerators. Make sure that the model is also suitable for very hot temperature ranges.

There is a specific label for this:

  • ST for subtropical from + 16° C to a maximum of + 38° C or
  • T for tropical from + 16° C to + 43° C

The problem is that there is no suitable climate class for the fridge for frosty winters, at + 10° C you should not operate a refrigerator. This means that in the cold season you must definitely remove the refrigerator from the kitchen and store in the basement frost-proof. Think twice about whether this effort is actually worthwhile. Real outdoor refrigerators cost several hundred euros. It's usually not worth it.


Cool boxes for outdoor use you get - even in very high quality designs in sizes up to 50 liters. The prices start at around 60 EUR for professional coolers, for very high quality and spacious models you usually have to expect 200 EUR to 250 EUR.

Prepare hot water

To generate warm water for the sink, you also have several options:

  • They use the cooking plate and warm the water in a pot for rinsing
  • They bring rinse water from the kitchen in a bucket
  • They use a mobile, gas powered water heater

Such outdoor water heaters, which can also be used as a garden shower, are usually available for about 150 - 200 EUR. They are powered by gas and can easily pump cold water from a bucket, heat it and release it via a shower head. If you also want to build an outdoor shower at the same time, this might be a sensible solution.

storage space

When planning, you should also consider what you want to fix in the outdoor area:

  • Crockery and cutlery, glasses
  • Grill tools
  • Spices, sauces, grilling accessories
  • Coasters, table decoration

Therefore, plan your need for storage space. You can build both drawer elements and shelves. Closed cupboards are of course always a possibility.

Baumketketein for the outdoor kitchen

Basically, you have several options to make your kitchen a reality

  • Freely put together from a trolley, a grill and an outdoor sink
  • made of wood (must be suitable for outdoor use)
  • masonry (for example made of aerated concrete bricks)

If the outdoor kitchen itself is built, you are completely free in the design - there is no fixed instructions. Just follow your personal needs and wishes. If the outdoor kitchen is to be bricked, there is a fireplace grill on which you can simply wall up the other parts of the kitchen (stove, sink and preparation area). When walling but also to the plastering.

Tips & Tricks

Plan generous preparation areas especially for the outdoor kitchen. So, several people can participate in the preparation and you can also easily leave something once, without having to clear it up immediately.

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