Apply outdoor plaster in winter

Even if it confuses some collection date, the application of external plaster in winter is to be avoided as far as possible. The setting behavior, as well as that of mortar, significantly disrupted and can lead to damage that occur years later. Even in risky transitional periods should be carefully considered.

Exterior plaster and winter weather are natural enemies

Apart from the mixture of exterior plaster and proper installation, the external conditions for a durable and reliable building skin are crucial. All influences that affect the setting must be critically examined. If the fresh plaster is not given the right time to develop its properties, it will not hold or crumble.

In winter, there are two main factors that affect the repair of cracks:

1. If the temperature is too cold and freezing, the plaster binds incorrectly or not at all
2. Wet and wet precipitation and adhering snow interfere with setting

When it comes to the question of how many degrees of external plaster can be processed, material temperatures must urgently be considered. Even if the outside air has a temperature in the required range of more than five degrees Celsius, masonry and metallic components can freeze the exterior plaster.

The ice that has turned into ice not only creates the risk of bursting the plaster, but acts as a "brake" when setting. The necessary evaporation of water is delayed and the plaster remains unbound for the time being.

Protect unpainted facades

Moving in and living in an unpaved building is usually possible. However, some components of the house are not yet protected against precipitation and weather. Some measures bridge a winter, until the climate again provides the suitable conditions for applying the external plaster:

A hanging of the affected bare and bare spots on the house with plastic film keeps rain and wind off. Ideally, the foils are placed in front of the components at a distance so that a ventilation space can serve as an additional antifreeze layer.

Tips & Tricks

Do not be irritated by manufacturer offers of a special winter plaster. The exterior plaster applied over decades of use is the basis of building physics, which he can not develop even with better processability in case of too much cold.

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