Exterior plaster prices - An overview

How expensive is the exterior plaster? The question is generally difficult to answer, as this of course depends on the one hand on the size of the outer wall surface, on the other hand, but also on the structural conditions but also on the Putzart used. The following part should therefore give a rough overview of a price example.

What costs can be incurred for a new use

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to get the house fitted. Already here the costs fluctuate considerably - depending on the type of scaffolding, the required scaffolding height and, of course, the size of the house. In addition, of course, the pricing of the specialist company plays a role. The material for the base plaster, the material for the concealed plaster and, under certain circumstances, a finishing plaster is due. For our calculation example, we assume that conventional colored stone plaster for the base and silicate plaster plaster is 15 mm thick for the wall area. There are also skirting boards, cleaning strips and small items such as edge protectors.

Determination of a guideline value

In order to make the cost estimates reasonably comprehensible, the above conditions were converted to an average single-family dwelling in conventional construction, and then the value downscaled down to the existing living space. Since comparable houses increase the costs in proportion to the living space, you have the opportunity in this way to obtain a relatively accurate cost estimate for your house so quickly, without having to laboriously add up the individual costs.

If, of course, special materials are used in your case, or if special preparatory work is required, you will need to correct the price up or down - but in general, it provides a good guideline as a starting point. The materials used and the processing in this calculation comply with the usual standards of specialized companies.

Exterior cleaning costs per square meter

For each square meter of living space (not façade area!) Of your house, you can roughly expect to spend around 70-80 euros per square meter of living space in order to obtain the total cost of the exterior plaster as described above. If at the same time a full thermal insulation with 20 cm insulation panels is to be installed, you are at around 95 euros per square meter.

This target price applies to the execution by a specialist company!

The cost of materials account for about 40% of the total value - around 32 euros per square meter of living space. 60% of the value, ie around 48 euros per square meter of living space, are work services here.

Costs for self-implementation

In case you want to lend a hand, you have to pay about 15% more for the material costs if you procure the material yourself. So you can go out quite roughly from around 37 euros complete material costs per square meter of living space for the entire exterior plaster, if you lend a hand. Of course, you must have the necessary craftsmanship skills and also include the necessary facade scaffolding.

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