Completely redesign exterior stairs

New materials make it possible to completely redesign an exterior staircase made of concrete. Here, a plastic coating is applied to the old staircase, which is later particularly non-slip. However, extensive preparatory work must be carried out before coating. The preparatory work must be carried out very carefully.

Coating instead of tearing off

The coating of the resin staircase even offers a fairly wide range of different colors that can be chosen either to match the home or in a contrasting color. Some of these coatings look like a real stone staircase after application.

Coat the outside stairs step by step

  • Resin coating
  • Resin dilution
  • primer
  • Metal angle strips
  • brush
  • spatula
  • puller
  • bucket
  • mixing paddle

1. Secure the load-bearing ground

The old concrete staircase must first be checked. Loose spots should be tapped off and repaired with concrete. This must first dry out completely before you can continue working.

2. Apply primer

The primer is usually very fluid and slightly milky. But do not be fooled, the primer makes permanent stains on concrete and stone. Therefore, you should cover the area around the stairs well. The primer can simply be brushed with a large brush. You should absolutely dab the primer well into the nooks and crannies.

3. Attach metal strips

If you want, you can frame the front steps with aluminum rails. This keeps them in shape and the ribbed strips provide additional protection against slipping. Actually, the strips are screwed, but it could flake off the edge even more, especially in frost. Therefore, the bar should simply be glued on with weatherproof silicone.

4. Apply synthetic resin coating

Depending on the instructions, the coating is applied either with a foam roller, a brush or, in the case of particularly viscous products, even with a spatula. When mixing, keep exactly to the manufacturer's specifications. Also regarding the drying time.

Tips & Tricks

For such a coating is also the so-called stone carpet, which is used indoors. In most cases, this coating made of pebbles is even particularly slip-resistant. Many of these products are easy to use outdoors. You should look at the processing instructions.

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