Outdoor staircase for the garden build - 3 simple steps

A sloping terrain on the terrace or a slope in the garden often require small outside stairs. Even houses that are higher built by a basement, need a staircase outside the house. This is exposed to the weather other attacks than a normal internal staircase and should also be non-slip.

Step by step build an outdoor staircase in the garden

  • Baudielen
  • Construction timber
  • decking
  • stainless steel screws
  • Glaze / lacquer
  • fine sand as slip protection
  • Jigsaw / Circular saw / Electrofusion tail
  • Japanese saw
  • drill
  • sander
  • ruler
  • spirit level
  • corner
  • pencil

1. Create basic structure

You need two stable cheeks for your stairs. The wood for it should be at least three inches thick. Especially in the outdoor area, the stairs should not be too steep. So plan something different than an indoor staircase. Also, the support of the steps should be a bit deeper, so that the whole foot can be found even with large garden shoes.

Place the cheeks where the stairs are to be placed and saw them to the correct length accordingly. Then put your cheeks back in place and mark the steps. These must be distributed evenly. It is best to saw the triangles on both cheeks at the same time by holding them together with clamps.

2. Screw

Place the cheeks in the appropriate place and place the cut-to-length decking boards of the top and bottom step. Before you can unscrew the planks, you should pre-drill the holes with a thin wood drill bit. Check with a spirit level, if the stairs are really completely straight.

3. Protecting stairs and man

Wood in the outdoor area must be well protected. For this purpose, a high-quality weather protection glaze should be used. On the steps, you can paint a varnish in which you sprinkle a little very fine sand when painting. To prevent accidents due to slippery steps in humidity. In addition, you should attach a railing, if the stairs must be higher than about two to three steps.

Tips & Tricks

If you use plastic decking for the steps, the stairs last a few years longer and you do not need to paint the steps and make them slip-resistant. The plastic planks look just like real wood, but are much less slippery and not lazy by the weather.

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