Autumn crafts: crafts with chestnuts, leaves, pine cones

Autumn crafts: crafts with chestnuts, leaves, pine cones

Autumn crafts: crafts with chestnuts, leaves, pine cones: leaves

Autumn is a season full of variety, when the trees and bushes give off their colorful autumn leaves and their nut fruits. Anyone who collects these expressive materials and brings them home can tinker with them and have a nice job at home even on a rainy day in the fall. This comforts big and small over the bad weather.

With chestnuts, leaves, pine cones and acorns that meet you on the way to the nursery or the school, you can make fun characters such as chestnut males and chestnut animals, great wreaths and other delightful autumn decorations.

Here we have the most popular, free Bastelanleitungen for autumn crafting collected from the Internet and ordered.

Table of contents on the subject of autumn tinkering

  • Make autumn decoration yourself
  • Tinker with pine cones
  • Tinker with acorns, nuts and more
  • Handicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves
  • Handicrafts with chestnuts: chestnut males and animals

Exciting instructions forHandicrafts in the fall orCrafting with natural materials You can also find them on the following pages:

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Make autumn decoration yourself

Decorating in the fall is a great thing. Chestnuts, pine cones or autumn leaves are natural and just need to be collected. This can then create great autumn wreaths, garlands, lanterns and more. Here are the fitting instructions: Make autumn decoration yourself

Tinker with pine cones

Whether from pine, fir or another conifer, with cones you can make great things in autumn and winter. Trunnions, cones and much more. We've put together a selection of interesting links to crafting tutorials for you: crafting pine cones

Tinker with acorns, nuts and more

In the autumn you can spend nice handicraft lessons with acorns, nuts and other natural materials. Finally, it can be used to make toys, decorations and useful things. A selection of interesting templates and craft instructions are here: crafts with acorns, nuts and more

Handicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves

Colorful, colorful, autumn! In autumn, the deciduous trees shed their colorful leaves, which are the ideal starting point for wonderful autumn handicrafts. How about a leaf-decorated lantern or a lush foliage garland? Suggestions and instructions are here: Handicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves

Handicrafts with chestnuts: chestnut males and animals

Make hedgehogs

Many different craft ideas with picture and instructions for hedgehogs made of chestnuts, pine cones or paper and cardboard

chestnut owls

Make owls from chestnuts, acorns and paper
at Amberlight

Chestnut dwarf

Child-friendly, illustrated crafting instructions for a chestnut dwarf made of chestnuts, pine cones and beechnuts.
with children Outdoor

Bumblebee made from chestnuts and acorns

Child-friendly, illustrated instructions for a funny chestnut bumblebee

chestnut Animals

Simple instructions for a horse, a male, a snake and a chestnut bird
at öbv 4 kids

Tinker little dwarfs

Dwarfs of chestnuts on a moss bed. Illustrated instructions - step by step
at Bastelparadies

Make a bat out of natural materials

Make bats out of beechnuts, walnuts, acorn hats and maple leaves

Making pin plugs from chestnuts

Make plugs for the flower pot or playing pieces with wooden pencils, chestnuts and other natural materials

Tinker animals in the chestnut zoo

Instructions with picture and craft templates for chestnut animals

Make Kastanientiere

make toothpicks, wooden beads, chestnuts and pistachio shells. A fun autumn pastime for kids.
at Grids Bastelecke

Chestnut figures

and other autumn fruits. Creative ideas for crafting.
at hoppsala

Autumn theater - flickering theater

Stage made of construction paper and figures from leaves, sticks, chestnuts
at hoppsala

All chestnut

Illustrated instructions: Make a necklace of chestnuts and noodles.
at Kiki's web

Handicrafts with chestnuts

Tinker animals, males, door wreaths, little ghosts and chestnut snowman
at Kiki's web

Autumn sun from acorns

Chestnuts and acorns stuck together with matches
at Kiki's web

chestnut Truck

as a fall decoration for the nursery. With chestnuts, acorns and branches
at small web

Chestnut fly ball

Making a shuttlecock from chestnuts Instructions with image
at ZZZebra

Make chestnuts ships

Chestnut ships with sails from autumn leaves. Illustrated instructions and video.
for coloring page pictures

Basteln mit Kastanien: Animals

From Kastenien snake to Kastanienmännchen everything is there. Illustrated instructions for handicrafts with children.
at ÖBV for Kids

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