Aviary wire comparison 2018

Purchase advice for aviary wire comparison or test 2018

  • Voluminous wires are not only used as a fencing of a pet cage, but also as a border for beds or to keep wild animals away from plants and trees.
  • When buying it depends especially on the thickness of the wire and the size of the mesh. If the aviary wire is also hot dip galvanized, it is weatherproof and protected against rust.
  • When building a cage with aviary wire you should always make sure that your animals have enough space and outlet. Birds also like to climb on the wire.

Aviary wire comparison 2018: comparison

In the automotive sector alone, there are 233,000 marten attacks each year (Source: ADAC). Even gardens and outside pets are not left alone by these predators. An aviary grid can prevent martens and other wild animals from devastating your garden. Also your animals are safer outside with such an aviary fence.

In our Aviation Wire Comparison 2018, we will show you which material and grid size to recommend and what you should consider for your pets so that you can find your personal aviary wire test winner.

1. Safe beds, animal cages and decoration - the all-rounder aviary grid

Aviary wire comparison 2018: 2018

Also in the gardening category, aviary wire is useful. It keeps animals from eating the plants or messing up the garden.

The aviary wire is characterized by its small grid width and mostly narrow and square meshes. It is welded and therefore has no edges where your animals can get stuck. Usually you buy it by the meter on a pre-made roll, as it is used more for larger projects. In the garden, the beds or young trees are often fenced with this wire mesh to protect the plants from unwelcome guests. The aviary wire is also often used as a climbing aid for climbing plants.

Mainly cages and aviaries are built with this wire fence. Especially if the animals stay outside in the garden, you should protect your pets from other wild animals. Marder, Fuchs and Co. have a hard time getting past an aviary, because they can not break the wire through the tight mesh and the wire size. So, when you buy aviary wire, pay close attention to its purpose.

Some wire fences are to be used exclusively as an aviary grille indoors because the wire is very thin. The material that makes up the wire is often galvanized stainless steel. In addition, there are grids with a chrome plating, plastic coating or galvanizing. By galvanizing the wire, it is protected from rust and is therefore ideal for use in the garden.

Aviary wire is particularly recommended for the construction of a birdcage, as the birds can not get caught on the lattice with their claws and beaks.

2. Purchase criteria: You should pay attention to this when buying aviary wire

Aviary wire comparison 2018: 2018

If you want to fence your chickens, be careful that predators like martens can not get through the fence.

Before you buy a roll of aviary wire you should have carefully considered what purpose it should fulfill. Do you want to keep an animal in the garden, or do you want to protect your plants? Which mesh size is right for you and which wire size you need, we explain in our purchase advice.

2.1. mesh size

The mesh size of an aviary wire should be based on the animal. If you keep your pet in the garden, your hamsters and rabbits should not only stay in the barn, but also prevent other animals from entering, For such purposes, a close-meshed wire is very goodbecause many predators such as fox, marten and cat with their teeth can not bite these tight meshes well. Also the paws and claws do not get far here.

However, cages for larger birds, such as parrots, should have larger mesh sizes, because the birds like to hold on to the grid and climb. If the stitches are too narrow, the animals could be injured during their climbing attempts.

If the Aviary wire as a trellis aid should be used, then we recommend that you choose slightly coarser stitches. The shoots have enough space and can climb high enough. In case of uncertainties, you can look through a Volennraht test in the hardware store, which size is suitable for your project.

Basically, the tighter the mesh, the better the fence is suitable for repelling animals. Even animal cages are better to build from wire with narrower stitches.

2.2. Wire diameter

What is an aviary?

Aviary wire comparison 2018: aviary

The term "aviary" comes from the French (aviary) and means birdhouse. An aviary denotes a large birdcage in which the animals can fly. There are several types of aviaries: outdoor or outdoor, indoor aviaries and room aviaries. Outer aviaries are usually seen in parks or gardens, indoor aviaries serve as a retreat for birds in the apartment and the room aviary serves as a larger cage for birds in the apartment.

The diameter of the wire varies between 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm. The different brands and manufacturers usually have several wire sizes in their assortment. If you opt for a thicker wire, it is more stable and robust than others. If you want to use your aviary fence as a climbing aid, a thickness of 1.2 mm is highly recommended. Also for animal defense, this is recommended because a thicker wire can not be chewed so fast.

3. Aviary wire in the pet pose

The best aviary wire is especially used by hobbyists to build an outdoor enclosure for their pets. Many of the cages that you can buy in the trade are too small for your pets and they have little outlet. Even the demarcation lattices from the animal trade trade can usually not offer a very large enclosure in the outdoor area.

However, a self-made cage made of wire mesh can be shaped according to your own wishes and is also flexible in size. Especially birds need enough space to spread their wings and fly. What advantages and disadvantages a large aviary has, we have listed:

  • enough space for flights and movement
  • suitable for several animals at the same time
  • Cost of self-construction relatively low
  • larger area that needs to be cleaned
  • takes up more space

As mentioned earlier, not only bird aviaries are built by wire, but also cages and aviaries for other animals (such as rodent birds). In aviary building, these animals are in high demand among DIYers:

Aviary wire comparison 2018: aviary

Not only budgerigars but also cockatoos, cockatiels or bees are happy if there is enough space in the aviary.
  • Degu
  • canary
  • chinchilla
  • Zebra Finch
  • golden hamster
  • parrots
  • ferrets
  • mouse
  • rabbit
  • Guinea pig
  • rat

Due to the different sizes of the animals, they also need different amounts of space in their cages. Below we have listed a table with the minimum sizes of cages for your pets:

Type of cageMinimum size (length x width x height)
rat cage120 x 80 x 200 cm
Gecko cage250 x 120 x 100 cm
Hamster cage150 x 80 x 60 cm
Ferret cage200 x 100 x 300 cm
Guinea pig cage120 x 80 x 60 cm
rabbit hutch150 x 100 x 80 cm
Chinchilla cage250 x 120 x 220 cm
Important: Keep livestock to the recommended minimum size of the cage and if in doubt, give the animals more space than necessary. In addition to a suitable cage, you should also provide a spout, so that the small animals can sometimes move outside the cage.

4. Questions and Answers about the use of aviary wire

4.1. Can a flying wire also be poisonous?

Aviary wire comparison 2018: wire

If you want to do something good for your rabbit, then make sure you have plenty of exercise in the rabbit hutch.

Whether a veining wire is toxic depends on galvanizing. In fact, cabling wires, which often come in contact with acids, can release poison. If you keep birds, you should look twice when buying or follow the following tips:

  • Regularly clean the cage thoroughly, you can even use high pressure cleaners
  • Make sure that the wire does not "warp" and has been pulled so tightly on the first assembly that it can withstand pressure

Those who want to prevent the danger of zinc poisoning when keeping birds and other small animals, can rely on stainless steel mesh. These are more expensive, but also safer

4.2. Which tools should be used to cut aviary wire?

Aviary wire comparison 2018: comparison

Optical highlight in the garden: Keep natural stone cladding of raised beds with voluminous wire in position.

It is best to use a bolt cutter to cut the plummet wire. When cutting, make sure that you do not cut the wire until the next crossbar, thus preventing sharp edges and averting the danger of injury to humans and animals.

4.3. Where can you buy very cheap aviary wire?

For savers: Buy large quantities online. In large DIY chains from Hellweg via Toom to Obi and Bauhaus, you can expect offers and personal advice at regular intervals. However, if you already know what you need, you can also order the quantity online and have it delivered to the front door.

4.4. Are there already valid results from a test of Stiftung Warentest?

So far, no aviary wire test has been created. In issue 10/2014, however, there was a message about new welfare rules for fattening and breeding rabbits in the aviary cage. According to the report, the animals must have enough room for exercise and a retreat in the cage. The owners must therefore prove their expertise and inspect the animals regularly.

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