Maintaining awnings properly: Sunscreen stays in top shape for a long time

Maintaining awnings properly: Sunscreen stays in top shape for a long time

Maintaining awnings properly: Sunscreen stays in top shape for a long time: awnings

On sunny days one provides Awning on the balcony and terrace for shade and soothing protection in front of the sun. However, awnings are not only a useful must-have in the fight against UV rays - they can also enhance the look of a home or garden with their colorful, attractive designs.

The panels do not only have to fight against the sun, but must also all other, often seasonal? Weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow can withstand. In order for your awning to look new every year, it has to be optimally cared for. You can find out how this works in the following.

Well maintained: this way your awning stays like new

With regular care and cleaning, you can maintain the material quality and the good look of your awning in the long term. Awning manufacturers, for example, give the following advice:

At night and at adverse weather, such as rain showers or heavy wind, the awning should always be retracted.
To prevent foxing, the awning should, however, remain retracted only for a long period in a dry state.

If it has already become wet due to rain and has been retracted, it must be removed again as soon as possible to dry it.
Once snow comes to lie on the awning fabric, is a Removing the snow before entering it is essential necessary. However, if the awning is already frozen, you should neither extend nor retract it.

Simply clean with water

Maintaining awnings properly: Sunscreen stays in top shape for a long time: stays

To keep the quality of the awning fabric long, the fabric should also be cleaned every so often. For this it usually suffices light dirt and dust with a water hose to remove. A high-pressure cleaner is not recommended for this because it can damage the fabric.

Coarser contaminants that can not be removed with water disappear usually after a follow-up treatment with a soap solution or a five to ten percent solution of mild detergent in lukewarm water (maximum 40 degrees Celsius).

The cleaning solution must then be thoroughly rinsed out with plenty of fresh water.

Choose the right awning

The condition of an awning is determined in particular by the weather to which it is exposed daily. When buying is therefore to pay attention to a later location to choose the appropriate awning type - Finally, there are completely different conditions in protected, sunny locations than on the so-called weather side of a house.

  • Open awnings without cloth protection are best mounted on sheltered areas that are covered. Suitable places are for example under a balcony or roof overhang.
  • For patios without roofing, it is best to use an awning with a rain cover or a sleeve awning with a back wall that protects the cloth.
  • Closed cassette awnings provide the retracted awning fabric the best protection against wind and weather and can therefore be used everywhere.

Choose the appropriate cloth

Maintaining awnings properly: Sunscreen stays in top shape for a long time: properly

By the way: up colored awning fabrics with structure, nubs or stripes you do not usually see light soiling so fast. Particularly susceptible to unsightly stains and thus most in need of care are materials in bright, delicate colors.

Such designs are therefore best suited for Cassette awnings or in weather-protected areas, The color intensity and durability of an awning fabric also depends on the dyeing process in the production: If the awning fabric has only superficially colored, the color may fade early.

Spinneret-dyed polyester and acrylic fabrics, such as those used by Lewens, become one guaranteed complete through-dyeing, so that the fabric color keeps its intensity for a long time. So you will enjoy the colorful sunscreen for a long time.

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