Build baby cradle yourself: hanging weigher for your baby

Build baby cradle yourself: hanging weigher for your baby: baby

Rocking calms and enhances the gentle sleep and sleep of your child. The cradle, which we present to you, rocks not only when it is triggered, but also through the movements of your baby. Our cradle is unlike most cradles not on the floor, but hangs on the ceiling, which ensures a particularly gentle swing. The cradle consists of 15 mm thick birch plywood panels. Plywood panels are cross-laminated from several veneer layers and can therefore be loaded in all directions.

When Connection between the individual plates we use Domino dowels, but you can also use round dowels for cute baby dreams. There are several ways you can attach the cradle to the ceiling. In any case, two hooks must be screwed into the ceiling. On this, as shown in the last picture, a chain is hung with a snap hook. On this chain you attach either additionally a damping spring or directly the rope.

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