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  • A sack truck is a two-wheeled, wheeled transport cart with leverage that is used to carry unwieldy loads. With a stair sack truck (recognizable by three to five sack cages per side) you can maneuver even large electronic devices through a narrow staircase.
  • Tiles, furniture, boxes or sacks of potatoes and cat litter: there are many things to lug. If you want to protect your back in the long run, you should at least buy a cheap sack truck - otherwise threaten a lumbago or even a herniated disc.
  • Already for an average of 50 euros, you can buy a transport cart. Foldable models are particularly easy to stow away and even mobile use, such as weekend shopping.

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Synonyms for hand truck

Hand truck comparison 2018: hand

The term Sackkarre stems from their original purpose: the Transport of sacks, Today all kinds of loads are moved with these carts.

The following Synonyms are common:

  • Handcart
  • sack toboggan
  • toboggan
  • sack Rolli
  • barrow
  • cart
  • stairclimber
  • hand truck

The numbers speak for themselves: Within ten years, 21 percent of Germans are moving twice and almost 30 percent even more frequently. Standing between boxes, kitchen appliances and furniture, you will hopefully not want to carry everything with your hands.

The sack truck was designed for the local transport of medium to heavy loads, Crates, sacks, crates or packages: With a product from our sack cart comparison 2018, you will protect your back and make your move quickly.

1. Every year, 180,000 Germans suffer a herniated disc

It can strike anyone: The herniated disc is a serious one Injury or disease of the spine, which now affects even young people under 30 years. Often the hauling heavy loads in connection with a poorly developed back muscles is responsible for injuries that can sometimes have serious consequences.

Since a move is only pending every few years, the associated Stress for the inexperienced particularly high, Similarly, if you are planning a conversion and have to transport cement sacks, tiles or stones - if you only have a local lumbar syndrome (also known as lumbago), you can still be happy.

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How can I protect my back?

There are two effective methodsTo protect your back from injury:

  1. Sports: Exercises that strengthen your torso or torso are considered Präventationsmaßnahmen, Many health insurances cover a large part of the cost of sports courses in which you, for example, go through a back school.
  2. Technology: If you do not have the necessary time or are not in the right health condition for sports exercises, you can help with transport carts of any kind.

2. Hand truck or stair truck - this is how your boxes come from A to B

There are many different types of sack trucks, which are used depending on the purpose. It is crucial to know when to use a folding aluminum hand truck and when to recommend a large stair transport cart with sturdy handcart tires.

Pallet truck ArtExplanation to the category
Hand truck (foldable)

Hand truck comparison 2018: 2018

The big advantage of a folding sack truck is that you be stowed easily can. Small models (3 to 6 kg dead weight) fit comfortably, for example in your car and can be used for weekly shopping.

Large foldable hand trucks (6 to 10 kg dead weight) can be stowed easily in a storage room or in the basement and can quickly ready for use if needed be made - for example when it comes to beer crates or large packages to move.

intended for mobile, fast deployment

Sack truck (not hinged)

Hand truck comparison 2018: hand

The original shape of the sack truck is not hinged, what they compared a bit cumbersome makes. But these carts are often very robust and have a particularly large transport bucket.

Another benefit of extra large hand trucks is that they too used as a handcart can be. This way you can load and move multiple boxes or packages at once.

for all those who regularly have to transport many loads, such as during construction

Sack cart (stair climber)

Hand truck comparison 2018: hand

One of the biggest hurdles to transporting heavy equipment or boxes is stairs. The wheels of ordinary handcarts are not designed for this obstacle.

A staircart is the solution here: the same three to five handcart wheels per side grace this type of cart. The Tires can rotate on a central axis, So if you stand on a staircase and pull your sack truck, then with each step again and again a new bag cart wheel on the - Transport cart climbs up the stairs.

multifunctional, especially suitable for stairwells

The material: When choosing your hand truck, pay attention to stable materials such as steel or aluminum. While one Hand truck made of steel a bit sturdier and heavier is, can one Carry sack truck made of aluminum lighter, The differences, however, are marginal.

3. Questions and answers about sack trucks

Hand truck comparison 2018: comparison

While sack car testing often even examines aspects such as grips or extra features, it's usually two propertiesmaking a handcart test winner.

Pay particular attention to the purchase of a new sack truckthe carrying capacity and the type of hand truck tires.

Below we explain what to look for when buying. Basically, it is worth buying a sack truck, because this tool offers compared to other means of transporting loads some key advantages:

  • narrow and agile, helpful in tight apartments
  • easy to stow, takes up little space in the basement
  • Leverage eliminates the need to carry loads
  • allows as a staircase even the transport bulky large equipment in the stairwell

3.1. How much should a good transport cart be able to carry?

Hand truck comparison 2018: hand

A sack truck can also be used as an aid in construction.

Very small or narrow sack trucks with a maximum load of less than 100 kg should be handled with care. Even if you want to buy a cheap handcart, you should never cut back on the load limit, In the worst case, a sack truck in the middle of the move can carry a break in the boom. The consequences would be devastating, because a falling 100 kg refrigerator will most probably leave a lasting impression.

A very good value for the load capacity are about 160 to 200 kg load capacity. This allows you to load the most common pieces of furniture and loads and always have some leeway if they should have miscalculated. The following table shows you how much weight you have to expect on average:

crate± 10 kg
cat litter± 20 kg
potting soil± 40 kg
Boxes with tiles± 60 kg
Armchair / couch± 80 kg
fridge± 100 kg

3.2. Rubber or pneumatic tires - which wheels are more suitable?

The tires of a sack truck is not unimportant. There are two options between which you can choose when choosing your car:

  1. Solid rubber tires: A tire made of rubber has a significant advantage: puncture resistance, If the tire is e.g. rolling into a nail, it can not burst or gradually lose air, but remains functional.
  2. Pneumatic tires: Tires with air filling are basically more tolerant when it comes to handling, Bumps are better balanced, the rolling behavior is very good and shocks are significantly better cushioned, than with solid rubber tires.

3.3. Big or small wheels - which are better?

Hand truck comparison 2018: comparison

A folded sack truck takes up little space and can even be stowed in the car.

Actually big wheels often beneficial, They roll more easily over uneven ground, get along better with inclines and stairs and are easier to move. A good value are wheels with one Diameter of more 200 mm.

The disadvantage of very large hand truck tires is that they restrict the transport a bit in its maneuverability. Especially when it comes to tight curves or narrow passages, this disadvantage can gain in importance.

3.4. Which alternatives to the hand truck are there?

A sack truck facilitates the movement of loads due to the tires - this function is fulfilled by e.g. also a Freight cart or a wheelbarrow, But these goods transport equipment available at the hardware store have a different basic function to a sack truck.

A freight car owns no leverage, here the boxes must first be raised and put down again. A wheelbarrow in turn has one Leverage, however, to unload sand or soil is meant.

A real alternative for a sack truck would therefore be at most a forklift or an electric handcart, which will make working with heavy loads even easier, but neither very affordable nor easy to use.

3.4. Which brands and manufacturers of hand trucks are there?

The best sack trucks come from renowned manufacturers such as Wolfcraft. Which other brands are available can be found in the following overview.

  • Wolfcraft
  • Juskys Tool
  • Grafner
  • Tec Take
  • RLW
  • Pro-Tec construction

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