Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018

Purchase advice for vacuum cleaner without bag comparison or test 2018

  • Never again need to change the vacuum cleaner bag - with a bagless vacuum cleaner you can realize this wish. You can also save on running costs for bag replenishment.
  • Without maintenance, however, the cyclone vacuum cleaner is not enough. The dust container must be emptied regularly and cleaned with water.
  • Especially for households in which a lot is sucked, a vacuum cleaner without a bag is a sensible purchase and a long-term cost-saving alternative to the classic vacuum cleaner with bag.

Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018: vacuum

According to a survey by the Öko-Institut e.V., consumers who call their own a bagless vacuum cleaner save on a yearly basis when it comes to vacuuming 15 € on running costs compared to users of a conventional bag vacuum cleaner.

But not only the additional costs, but also the time-consuming search for the matching bag design remains spared users of the modern bagless vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, that is market share of these devices to their relatives with bagsstill comparatively low.

You are not sure if the bagless vacuum cleaner is right for you? In our vacuum cleaner without bag Test 2018 we clarify you about the advantages and disadvantages of the cyclone vacuum cleaner.

1. Why a vacuum cleaner without a bag?

The principle of the centrifugal separator

The bagless vacuum cleaner is designed so that the incoming air inside on one circular path is accelerated until the centrifugal the dust particles are hurled at the conical walls and then trickled onto the bottom of the container. The air released from the dust particles is filtered and finally released to the outside. The dust remains in the container.

loss of suction - This is the known decrease in the suction effect with increasing filling level of the vacuum cleaner bag. The only thing that helps with the traditional vacuum cleaner with bag, that is regular replacement of the bag.

The phenomenon of suction loss is inseparable from the founding myth of the large vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson Connected already in the year 1980 filed his first patent for the vacuum cleaner without a bag. This device collects the absorbed dust in a special container, which can be filled without loss of suction.

In this device, however, must be taken into account that the emptying and especially the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner can be a bit complicated depending on the model. In the following video you will find a short Instructions for the thorough cleaning a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Dyson:

Despite the somewhat tricky cleaning of the cyclone vacuum cleaner, this unit has some very noteworthy ones Advantages compared to the conventional vacuum cleaner with bags that we would like to share with you at this point:

  • Removal of vacuum cleaner bag change - cost savings
  • no loss of suction with filled dust container
  • well suited for house dust allergy-induced frequent sucking
  • laborious emptying and cleaning of the dust container
  • slightly lower cleaning performance compared to the vacuum cleaner with bag

2. What types of bagless vacuum cleaners are there?

Bagless vacuum cleaners are not just available as a classic vacuum cleaner: the handheld vacuum cleaner makes it easier to clean tables, cabinets and window sills while the vacuum cleaner robots you off a bit of ground work. We compared the most important types:

Vacuum Cleaner TypeProperties and application

Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018: 2018

The classic vacuum cleaner is for the large-scale use throughout the house suitable. As a rule, it is equipped with telescopic tube, which promotes an ergonomic posture during use.

Upright vacuum cleaners are the only devices with which the house cleaning can be done really thoroughly and quickly and therefore belong to the Basic equipment of each household, For this reason, only vacuum cleaners are represented in our vacuum cleaner without a bag comparison.


Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018: vacuum

They are mostly used as cordless vacuum cleaners for the quick use Available instead of a car vacuum cleaner for cleaning car seats and upholstery or to suck away small mishaps on the breakfast table.

For sucking larger areas or whole apartments they are against not recommendable, because usually the battery life is not sufficient, so they would have to be recharged again and again in between. In addition, an ergonomic application of the device for vacuuming the floor due to the missing telescopic tube is not possible.

Vacuum cleaner robot

Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018: vacuum

A vacuum cleaner robot navigates its way through the home independently and permanently takes over some of the housework. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner, even during your absence to take care of the house cleaning.

However, these devices are relatively expensive and arewith deep pile carpets and many furniture in the way quickly Overwhelmed are.

Tip:When purchasing a vacuum cleaner robot or a battery vacuum cleaner, remember that these devices are only suitable as a supplement to your vacuum cleaner, but can not replace it completely.

3. Purchase advice for vacuum cleaners without bags

Do you value a particularly quiet vacuum cleaner without a bag? To the highest possible suction power or a comfortable operating radius? In our vacuum cleaner without bag comparison, we have taken the most important purchase criteria for you under the magnifying glass.

3.1. suction

Anyone who believes that they have to pay particular attention to the wattage of the device in order to be able to estimate their suction power is on the wrong track. Vacuum cleaner with a maximum capacity of 2,000 watts and more are in the first place Stromfresser, but not necessarily higher in absorbency than devices with lower consumption.

Tip: A maximum output of 600 to 900 watts is quite sufficient for very good suction results. Higher performance is reflected above all in the electricity bill and less in the cleanliness of your carpets.

Best in Carpet Cleaning?

The carpet cleaning class indicates how clean a standardized carpet becomes when it is being processed with the vacuum cleaner. Class A stands for a particularly clean result with a maximum of 9% remaining dust, while the Class G for less clean suction results with up to 33% residual dust.

A better guideline for the estimation of the suction power is the Carpet Cleaning Class, which, in addition to the energy efficiency class, must be specified by the manufacturer for each vacuum cleaner model on the market since 2014.

The classification in classes A to C is considered to be a very good result. Also, some of the models from our vacuum cleaner without bag test reach the carpet cleaning class C, but many manage it only to the class D. So cut bagless vacuum cleaner overall slightly worse from as a vacuum cleaner with bag.

3.2. volume

The sound makes the music

Although cyclone vacuum cleaners are generally no louder than regular vacuum cleaners with pouches, however, they do create a design by design high whistling sound, which is perceived by some users as unpleasant.

Vacuum cleaners generate a barely audible noise background and this also applies to cyclone vacuum cleaners. But there is good news: Current vacuum cleaners do not bring it any more on potentially harmful decibel levels.

The devices from our cyclone vacuum cleaner test produce average sound pressure levels of about70 dB, Especially quiet vacuum cleaner without bag we have specially marked for you.

For optimum comparability, we have compiled some everyday sound pressure level values ​​for you here:

  • 20 to 30 dB: quiet room
  • 50 to 60 dB: normal conversation
  • 70 to 80 dB: heavy traffic noise
  • 90 to 100 dB: Jackhammer

3.3. Action radius and dust bin size

Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018: cleaner

A large dust container and a long power cord facilitate the handling of the vacuum cleaner.

Whether a bagless vacuum cleaner is easy to handle, depends primarily on the radius, i. e. from the farthest distance to the outlet, from.

The longer that power cable and the telescopic tube are, the further you can remove yourself from the socket while sucking, without having to change. Especially for spacious living rooms, it is advisable to pay attention to a model with a large radius of action of at least 9 meters, so you do not need to take unnecessarily many breaks to relocate.

That too Volume of the dust container is a relevant purchase criterion.

The best vacuum cleaners without bags have a container volume of at least two liters, so that even coarse dirt can be completely absorbed without having to empty the container cumbersome in between.

Quite as crucial as the vacuum cleaner with bag, the dust-holding capacity of the bagless vacuum cleaner is not, because it threatens even at a high level no loss of suction power.

Note: Even with low dust we recommend to empty the container after each suction. Although the container could certainly also absorb the dust of several suction processes, but the bacteria contained in the dust and sometimes even decomposing food scraps quickly become a hygiene problem.

4. Bagless vacuum cleaners at Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest regularly checks products in the "vacuum cleaner" category. The 2016 test also reviewed 5 bag-less models, two of which were tested with the Overall grade "good" were evaluated:

The Bosch Relaxx'x BGS5331 convinced with a very good rating in things Durability and environmental features, while the much cheaper bagless vacuum cleaner of the brand Samsung SC07F50HR by a pollution-free processing could score.

Although the Rowenta vacuum cleaner RO8366EA without bag also achieved very good results in the test criteria durability, environmental properties and pollution-free, but it was sufficient due to deficiencies in suction and handling only for the Overall grade "satisfactory".

5. Questions and answers about vacuum cleaners without bags

5.1. How do I clean a vacuum cleaner without a bag?

Allergy-friendly sucking

House dust allergy sufferers are advised to empty and clean the vacuum cleaner of someone else in the household. When vacuuming, but especially when emptying the dust container, always something Dust stirred up, Therefore, allergy sufferers should also not be in the same room during this process or if possible one Allergy vacuum cleaner use.

For thorough cleaning of the vacuum cleaner without bag, the device is first in his individual parts disassembled. All parts that come in contact with dirt are thoroughly cleaned one after the other:

  • Floor nozzle:should be completely freed from lint, threads and long hair.
  • Telescopic tube: Check for foreign objects and rinse with water.
  • Dust container:empty completely and clean with water and detergent; let it dry thoroughly.
  • HEPA filters:wash in water or clean in the washing machine; let dry.

5.2. How does a vacuum cleaner without a bag with a water tank work?

A vacuum cleaner without a bag with a water tank is also called a water vacuum cleaner. The sucked up dust is included in these devices not only in the plastic container, but also immediately bound in water.

Tip: Especially for allergy sufferers, it may be a sensible decision to buy such a vacuum cleaner without bags. The emptying of the container is possible without the risk of an allergic reaction caused by fluidized dust.

5.3. What is better, the vacuum cleaner with bag or the vacuum cleaner without bag?

Vacuum cleaner without bag comparison 2018: comparison

For dog and cat owners, instead of a bagless vacuum cleaner, a special pet vacuum cleaner, e.g. the Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VSQ8PET.

For dog and cat ownerswho need to suck many animal hairs from the floor daily, or for allergy sufferers, a vacuum cleaner without a bag is very good: Thanks to the elimination of need for vacuum cleaner bags can save considerable additional costs when vacuuming.

For persons who are relative sensitive to the sometimes unpleasant operating noise the bagless vacuum cleaner respond, these devices, however, are only partially suitable. If possible, choose a quiet device with a sound pressure level of less than 70 dB.

5.4. Which important brands and manufacturers for cyclone vacuum cleaners are there?

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners and the classic bagless vacuum cleaner from Dyson are well known. Test-winning qualities among vacuum cleaners without bags also include models such as the AEG Performer Cyclonic ASPC7120 vacuum cleaner, which is characterized by its easy handling, or the particularly quiet Bosch vacuum cleaner BGS5SIL66B.

The major brands and manufacturers for cyclone vacuum cleaners we have listed below clearly for you.

  • AEG
  • bestron
  • Bomann
  • Bosch
  • clatronic
  • Clean Maxx
  • De'Longhi
  • Dirt Devil
  • Dyson
  • Einhell
  • Grundig
  • Hoover
  • Klarstein
  • Kärcher
  • Miele
  • Nilfis
  • Numatic
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Rowenta
  • Samsung
  • SEBO
  • Siemens
  • Thomas
  • Tristar
  • Vorwerk

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