Correctly level the leveling compound by sanding

If you find extremely uneven floors after removing the old floor coverings, they must first be leveled using leveling compound or leveling compound. After application of the funds, however, it is often necessary to machine the soil by grinding in order to obtain an optimum result.

Balancing soils with different tools

Leveling compound and screed are very popular products to restore old cellar floors or to level them for the first time. It depends on various factors which product should be used:

  • the condition of the respective underground
  • the ceiling height (especially important in basements)
  • the subsequent use and the maximum permissible floor load
  • the time in which the room should be finished

Especially the last point is crucial for the use of the right material. Leveling compound dries much faster than screed. An alternative, however, is fast screed, which can be processed within a much shorter time.

Work on leveling compound after application and drying

If you use a self-leveling compound, you have it very easy. It is a tempered cement mix that is very easy to process. After preparation, it remains liquid and is therefore practically all by itself. Within a few hours, the mass hardens and leaves a straight and smooth surface. However, this is not the case with all materials. The processing and its effort depends on the maximum layer thickness, the number of operations and the drying time.

Sand down old leveling compound or leveling compound

First, a distinction should be made between grinding and grinding. When sanding, it's about removing loose material and getting a rough surface for better adhesion to the material to be applied. Often, however, it is necessary to abrade old floor coverings to compensate for unevenness or to remove adhesive residue and other types of dirt. For this purpose, heavy guns such as machines with diamond turrets are usually needed. Special grinding machines, which can be borrowed from hardware stores or specialist companies, are also frequently used. Very important when working with such machines is good ventilation and, above all, the extraction of the resulting dust.

What you should look out for at work

Good ventilation and vacuuming the dust are important. In addition, you need appropriate protective clothing. Remember to wear work gloves, work shoes, appropriate protective clothing and goggles at work. Also, ear protection should not be forgotten. With the right tools you can easily grind and remove old building material. This may be necessary in order not to affect the height of rooms with relatively small room heights by applying additional floor coverings. The removal of old building materials is an important job in preparing floors for laying new floor coverings.

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