Leveling compounds are used more and more often directly as floor coverings

Normally, first of all old floor coverings are removed, the resulting surfaces are leveled with leveling compound or leveling compound and then new floor coverings laid. But it can also be done differently by using the leveling compound directly as a floor covering without laying carpets or tiles.

Prepare a floor with leveling compound or leveling compound

Until you get a new floor covering, several steps are usually necessary. After removing the old flooring, whether it be tiles, old carpets or other floor coverings, the floor must first be leveled and prepared to apply a new coating. For a durable floor covering, a stable and level surface is a mandatory requirement. Leveling compound or self-leveling compound are popular means of obtaining stable and even substrates. They offer the following advantages:

  • The funds are very easy to handle, even by the handyman.
  • Especially the self-leveling agents are very popular because they are extremely easy to use.
  • All kinds of floor coverings can be laid on the leveling compound.
  • The leveling compound can itself be used as a floor.

Use leveling compound as floor

The leveling compound can itself be used as a floor covering. To make them visually appealing, for example, dyes can be added. There is a large selection of different products that can be used to color all kinds of building materials. This also applies to concrete or other materials that are provided with color pigments and thus get a pleasing appearance. The resulting floors are visually appealing and easy to clean. All you have to do is color the leveling compound with such color pigments. When buying, however, you should make sure that the funds used are also suitable for use in the respective materials.

Make flooring easy to use

The floors can be used directly after they have been leveled. There is no need to apply additional floor coverings such as tiles, carpets or other coverings, which can save you a lot of money. The visually appealing design of the floor coverings is no longer a problem today. You get resistant floors that can be repaired if necessary. However, rough bumps should be pre-treated with cheaper materials before colored leveling compound is used.

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