Clean a balcony

The cleaning of the balcony is an important factor, which makes the facade extension also more durable. But due to the sheer variety of materials and building materials used, each balcony must be cleaned differently accordingly. Below you will find out what to look out for when cleaning your balcony, but we also highlight the special features associated with cleaning.

Construction of balconies

Balconies are now part of the standard equipment of modern apartments and houses. But there are enormous differences not only in the design and construction of a balcony. In particular, the various components are available in a variety of materials:

  • balcony floor
  • Balcony railing and parapet
  • Wind and sight protection

Clean the balcony railing or parapet

Cleaning the balcony railing and parapet. These parts are usually made of either metal, stone or wood. Accordingly, you must take this into account when choosing your cleaning agent. You must therefore repaint or paint metal railings at regular intervals of several years. The cleaning of paints and inks depends mainly on whether they are solvent-based or free products that have been used.

Clean and maintain wooden balcony or wooden railing

The wooden balcony plays a big role as well. Many balconies are made of this material. Again, you must consider whether it is painted, glazed, stained, oiled or waxed components. Stone parapets, however, are usually painted with facade paint and also to clean accordingly, so by washing with water and a brush.

Clean balcony windscreen or screen

A wind or privacy screen can also be made of a variety of materials. In a pure wind protection conventional glass and acrylic glass dominate. To clean the glass surfaces use a conventional glass cleaner. How to professionally clean a balcony windscreen made of acrylic glass, we explain in detail here.

The balcony floor: every floor covering has different, sometimes high demands

Of particular importance are floor coverings for the balcony made of natural stone tiles or slabs or ceramic tiles. With natural tiles, remember that there are some natural stone materials that you must not contact with acidic cleaners. Marble is one of them. Click here and read how to clean a marble floor.

Polished fine stone train as a balcony floor covering

You may need to pay even more attention to a tile floor on your balcony when it comes to polished porcelain stoneware. Already the initial cleaning is of crucial importance. Polished porcelain stoneware is open-pored, meaning that dirt particles and liquids can penetrate unhindered into the tiles. Therefore, it is important that you impregnate the porcelain stoneware - at the first as well as again in the maintenance cleaning.

Cleaning and keeping clean of wall connection and surrounding gutters

In addition, however, the cleaning of the gutter, which some balconies have circumferentially, is extremely important. Otherwise, water builds up and can no longer run off. But the wall connection must often be freed of mosses, lichens and soil. This is important because otherwise the core task of balcony wall connection can be massively impaired - the sealing between facade and balcony.

Tips & Tricks

The care and cleaning of wooden balconies is particularly important. Therefore, it is normal that these balconies in long-term, but still regular intervals must be rehabilitated. As you proceed with the renovation of a wooden balcony, we explain here in detail.

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