Balconies: Ideas for the small balcony

Even a small balcony offers a surprising number of design options, from the floor covering on the device to the greenery. The shading can also be implemented simply and creatively. Many small decorative objects are available to make the mini-balcony more comfortable, so that the small outdoor seating becomes a pretty summer paradise.

Furniture for the small balcony

Not much can be accommodated on a small balcony, so especially the furniture should be space-saving. First, there is the consideration of what purpose the balcony should mainly fulfill.

Does he serve the balcony owner above all for a view-protected sun or rather for the cozy common food? Is there a child in the house who might also like to splash outside in the pool? The purpose of the balcony determines the facility, here are some examples:

  • Folding table on the railing for meals or as a book shelf
  • Bench with storage for pillows, cushions or a small folding chair
  • a cool box holds drinks and fruit at hand
  • An awning protects against sun and prying eyes and takes no space
  • Folding chairs and a folding bed can be stored space-saving when not in use
  • Alternatively, lightweight furniture is needed, which is used both in the living room and on the balcony
  • a hammock chair takes up little space and is very cozy
  • Two hooks in the walls facilitate the swift installation of a hammock for sunbathing and lounging

Lighting for the small balcony

For the comfortable balcony design, the right lighting is also required for long summer evenings. A small balcony can be well lit with a fairy lights or with lanterns, which ensures a relaxed party atmosphere.

The massive fire bowl is rather something for large areas, but there are the powered with bioethanol light and heat sources even in small version for the table. This is how it gets really cozy in the dark!

Greening the mini-balcony

Also, a small balcony can accommodate a lot of plants, you just need the right ideas for a compact arrangement. How about using the entire railing for greening? The sunniest plants come into the window boxes all the way up.

Underneath, in potted flower pots, the shade plants arrange themselves. Even on the wall, plants can be attached decoratively in hanging bowls. Now place a shelf with a small fan depth in the corner, which receives more flowers: ready!

Carpets and pillows for more comfort

It gets really cozy on the small balcony with cushions, cushions and carpets for the outdoor area. A lot has changed in this product line in recent years, so that the seating can even be equipped with weatherproof cushions in knit look.

Our series on the topic of balcony design goes into the final round with a particularly nice idea: in the 8th part you will learn how to make a mini pond on your balcony.

Tips & Tricks

Outdoor upholstered furniture is also available in small sizes, but of course they take up more space than the above folding furniture. They are therefore more suitable for a small balcony, which is not used flexibly.

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