Balcony door - retrofit additional lock

Hardly a burglar comes in through the front door. The vast majority of burglars gain access to the house through a patio or balcony door. The rear side of the house is not only mostly bad secured, it is often not visible from the neighboring properties. But on the balcony door and the rear windows, a lot can be done with an additional lock.

Lock and secure

Many older balcony doors still have no mushroom taps in their locking mechanism. As a result, balcony and patio doors as well as rear windows can be easily levered off in a few seconds with a large screwdriver or a crowbar.

This danger can be countered with simple additional Fensterriegeln on the handle side. These bars should as possible also be closed as the window handle. There are various simple locking systems that are subsequently simply screwed on depending on the door system.

Comfortable and practical

There are many different systems, but if they are not easy to use, they are usually of no use. Because, then the systems are not used. The fast gear to the balcony should be possible without any problems. Likewise, other functions, such as the tilt function must be preserved.

  • Bar lock horizontally
  • Bar lock vertical
  • box lock
  • additional bolt
  • tape backup

bar lock

Both the horizontal and the vertical bar lock offers a lot of protection on the balcony door. However, it is the most expensive option among the castles. Inexperienced handyman should entrust a professional with the installation. The better such a lock is installed, the more security it offers.

Box lock and additional bolt

If the balcony door already has mushroom pins, it is not absolutely necessary to install a bar lock. A box lock can already have the same positive effect. Similarly effective are additional bars that are simply folded. These are available for around five euros apiece and they should be attached to every window if possible.

tape backup

The tape lock is mounted on the hinge side and should only be installed in addition to a lock on the lock side.

Balcony door with lock from the outside

Many balconies have access to the garden, so it is convenient if the balcony door is lockable from the outside. For most balcony doors, however, no normal security lock can be retrofitted because the hinges do not allow this.

From the outside simple box locks can be screwed on, which hinder the burglar at least so far that the residents can risk a short walk into the garden with a clear conscience. A complete security these locks do not offer from the outside. If the house is to be left for a long time, therefore, the front door is always the better option.

Tips & Tricks

If the burglars can not open windows and balcony doors by prying open, they will most likely give up and look for a lighter and less secure object. Unfortunately, not all burglars do that.

Then the windows are smashed to get into the house. There are now safety films that make a normal double glazing almost a bulletproof glass. These should be installed by a specialist, so that the film is really invisible later.

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