Balcony door broken - what to do?

A balcony door can break on different elements. If a part of the fitting is unhooked or even broken, the whole door often has to be replaced, because the fittings are often no longer available after years. What is still to be done at what damage to the balcony door, we show you right here.

High loads lead to wear

The dual function of turning and tilting in combination with the relatively high weight for a window, the fittings must endure much. A balcony door was for a long time nothing else than a floor-to-ceiling window and used to be built with the same hinges and fittings.

Over time, it may happen that the balcony door is initially difficult to open or close. If it is not adjusted and maintained regularly, the fitting will soon break or unhook.

Determine problem

The first question that arises with a broken balcony door is the age of the door. If this is settled clearly over ten years, it is usually difficult to find suitable fittings and tapes. A door that was more than twenty years old should not be repaired because it is a problem from an energetic point of view anyway.

If the fittings are no longer available, old-time carpenters often offer to equip the door with new fittings. Ask for the costs beforehand, because that is rarely worth it.

Problem solving problem

  • Age of the door?
  • State of the art?
  • Which hinge or fitting is responsible for the defect?
  • Hinge broken or just unhooked?
  • Fitting to get yet?

Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, you rarely have to change the door leaf, but often need to remove the frame to get a functioning door. The only consolation is that with a completely new balcony door you usually heat considerably less energy out the door.

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