Replace the balcony door itself - that's how it works!

Older balcony doors often have small errors over time that can not be resolved. Changing a balcony door is not overly difficult. The most important is an exact working method and the good seal of the door to the building. Here we show you how you can replace a balcony door yourself and what to look for.

Change the balcony door step by step

  • balcony door
  • building foam
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • spirit level
  • wooden wedges
  • ruler
  • pencil

1. Measure and order the door

Measure the door exactly. Older houses can be as wrong as old doors. Therefore measure the door width both above and below. So you do not have to plaster anything later, but the modern strips, which are today for door and window installation, are sufficient if you measure accurately.

2. Assemble the frame

The frame is first assembled and aligned on the ground. Then the frame is inserted into the opening. Secure the frame with wedges in the opening and align it exactly with the spirit level.

3. Hook the door to the sample

Do not attach the frame to the wall immediately, but first hang the door and check that it closes and opens easily. You may need to re-align the frame. If everything fits, the door is hung again.

4. Attach the frame

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the frame is now fastened with the supplied brackets and / or construction foam. When it has dried sufficiently, excess material can be cut off. Then the window strips are attached and the door hinged again.

Tips & Tricks

Before buying the balcony door, determine whether the door should have a right or a left stop. The new door does not necessarily have to open to the same side as the old door. This is the opportunity to change this feature.

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