Close balcony door from the outside - so the door stays closed!

Many balcony doors can not be permanently closed from the outside, you can not complete it. There are several ways to secure the balcony door from the outside. Here we show what you can do to keep children and cats from opening the door when the adults are on the balcony.

Install the catch

If the door is only to be prevented from jumping up again and again, then a catch should be installed. In the hardware stores there are also weatherproof snaps that can be easily screwed on the outside of the door.

Screw on top lock

Various suppliers already have small box locks in their assortment, which can be screwed on from the outside. This is really only enough if you stay in sight, a genuine burglary protection is not offered by these locks. With a burglary, which is made possible by such a lock, the insurance usually does not pay.

Retrofitting door lock

Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to install a front door lock in a balcony or patio door. This is due to the low strength of the door leaf and the other by the circumferential bands that lock a balcony door.

Swap wings

The most expensive of the possibilities is the replacement of the door leaf. Unfortunately, a conversion is usually not worthwhile and it is easier to use a right side door instead. This door is also available with a full glazing. Normally, such a door has even better insulation values ​​than a normal balcony door.

Possibilities at a glance

Here are all the possibilities to close the door from the outside at a glance:

  • Install the catch
  • Screw on top lock / box lock
  • Retrofitting door lock
  • Replace the door leaf / complete door

Tips & Tricks

If you are not allowed to screw anything to the frame of the balcony door or to the building, there is only a very provisional solution to at least keep the door closed. It will never be lockable. Put a loop of tape inside the handle, but close to the door, not the moving part. Then place an umbrella stand near the door outside where you attach the cord. Granted a very simple solution, but in case of doubt, the door is at least closed.

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