Balcony door self-repair - 3 tips

A balcony door is actually a very ingenious invention. However, as it is used as a door as well as tilting windows, it does have to go along and the wear on the parts is high. Of course you can not fix everything on a balcony door yourself. Here are three things that you can easily fix.

Which damages can be remedied?

  • Door no longer closed - exchange snap
  • Door hangs or is warped - door must be adjusted
  • Tilting function fails - replace tilting bracket if necessary

1. Replace the catch

The catch can certainly be replaced by a universal catch. This does not necessarily require the exact type from the manufacturer. There are only two screws that secure the catch.

2. Adjust the balcony door

In the fold and on the hinges of the balcony door are screws that can be rotated either with a screwdriver or an Allen key. First, check where the door is hanging or striking, and let someone else help you if necessary.

3. Replace tilt bracket

Somewhat more difficult than the first two tasks is the replacement of the tilt fitting. Above all, not any other fitting can be used here. Universal fittings do not fit in any door and do not work with any system.

Determine manufacturer

If there are still old invoices, you may even find the exact name of the door. Usually, however, is somewhere in the door frame or on the fitting the name of the manufacturer. With a little luck, the right turn / tilt fitting can be ordered there.

Photos and mass

If the manufacturer is not available, you should take pictures of the fitting and measure it exactly. The individual breakpoints should also be photographed. In many hardware stores or in the window manufacturer, there are thick catalogs with fittings. It may take a while for the part to be delivered, but the odds of success are not bad at all.

Replace tilt fitting

You absolutely need a second person if you want to change the fitting. The door will fall off its hinges after removing the old hardware and you can not do both, hold the door and fumble the new hardware in place.

Tips & Tricks

As a tenant, you should be cautious with your own repair. Damages can be charged to you. In addition, the landlord must ensure that the balcony door works.

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