Secure balcony door - 6 door locks at a glance

There are several good measures to additionally secure a balcony door. After all, 80 percent of all burglars make their way through the balcony or patio door. Also, the windows on the back should be well secured, if you think about security anyway. Here we show six balcony door locks, which can be additionally grown.

1. Window handles lockable

As a first measure for balcony door security, the handles of the door should be replaced with lockable handles. Here there are now strong quality differences. It may not be the most expensive models are selected, but three pieces for seven euros can not be very stable.

Rely on your judgment as to whether the quality can really withstand a burglary or use products that have been tested by the police. Consultation days are held there again and again, which you should visit in the course of your activities.

2nd box lock

A box lock is often attached to the opening side in addition to the lockable handle. However, it should always be combined with safety latches on the side of the hinges. Alone, the box lock as well as a lockable window handle is not a perfect solution. The costs are usually manageable.

3. Security bolt

Safety bolts should not only be mounted on the side of the door handle, but also on the hinge side, especially for older doors. Older balcony doors often have very weak unstable hinges and hinges that can be easily broken with a large screwdriver.

4th bar lock

A lockable bar lock across the balcony door is very secure when properly attached. Above all, it is easy to operate. The prices are quite generous.

5. Exterior blind with push-up bar

An exterior blind is still the safest way to protect a balcony door. However, at the same time a backup against pushing up must be attached. However, you can easily attach these to the blind later.

6. Slip foils - achieve safety glazing

Another method to attach a balcony door security are security films. These are glued to the glass from the inside. If your new safety bars have permanently hampered the burglar, he will relocate to the impact of the disc.

The application of the film is a bit cumbersome and must be done with patience, but the results are then very convincing. If the disc is taken from the outside, the glued foil still holds the inner disc together.

How to attach a safety or glass break film:

  • Remove glass retaining strips on the inside
  • Window absolutely clean and dust-free
  • Apply film bubble-free with a squeegee
  • Reinstall glazing beads over the foil

Tips & Tricks

Depending on how easily the balcony door is accessible to a burglar, you can easily combine some of the possibilities. An outside blind is very safe, but who likes to keep the blind down when the weather is good, when he leaves the house?

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