Furnish balcony door with cat flap

Many cats like to look at nature through the windowpane, but in good weather they also want to go out to the balcony for a while. In addition to a good hedge of the balcony for the cat then a cat flap is useful. Who likes to open and close the balcony door like a bouncer? Here are the tips for installing a cat flap.

Plastic element or wood panels

If the cat flap is to be installed in a fully glazed balcony door, you will need to bring a glazier to help you to cut out the hole. However, many balcony doors have a plastic or wood filling at the bottom. Here you can easily install a cat flap.

Install cat flap step by step

  • Cat flap
  • silicone
  • drilling machine
  • drill
  • jigsaw
  • silicone syringe
  • pencil
  • screwdriver

1. Mark

Many cat flaps have a template that you only need to transfer to the door. Make the hole not too high, the cat is finally built close to the ground and does not like to jump into the unknown. In addition, the hole should always be sawn only in the filling and not in the structural frame of the door leaf.

2. Drilling and sawing

First you have to drill a hole in a corner of your drawing, through which the jigsaw blade can be guided. Then, along the inside edge of your pencil drawing, cut out the hole for the cat's door with the jigsaw. For plastic, the same saw blade is suitable as for wood.

3. Install cat door

Depending on the model, four additional holes must be drilled through the filling. First, simply assemble the cat flap to check the fit. If all is correct, apply silicone to the areas where the frame of the flap rests on the door. So the cat flap fits better and it pulls less through later.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, as a tenant you are not allowed to cut a hole in a pane of glass. Above all, the double glazing of a fully glazed balcony door can then be an obstacle. However, you can remove the glass and safely wrapped in a blanket, behind a cabinet stellen.Dann a corresponding plexiglass is installed, in which you can install a cat flap much easier anyway. When you move out, the right glass pane is simply used again. You may even be able to use the Plexiglas pane again in the next apartment.

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