Balcony door is not closed - so holds the door again

Over time, springs and hinges of doors and windows diminish somewhat. The balcony door is then no longer closed, even if you have used well. If you want to prevent the door from being open while you are on the balcony yourself, the cause must first be found. Maybe the door only has to be adjusted.

Check bowl and spring

For some older doors, there is no catch that stops the door. Then a snap device would have to be retrofitted. Tenants should ask for permission before screwing anything on the door.

Otherwise, it must first be checked whether there may be a pebble or another reason why the spring does not latch into the trough that usually holds a balcony door closed. If there is no foreign matter here and both elements are obviously in order, then in most cases the door will only have to be adjusted.

Set the door

Inside the door hinges are small screws that can be turned either with a small screwdriver or in other cases with a small Allen key. Usually you have to try something, as it is difficult to see in which direction the door has just moved.

Tips & Tricks

In a rented apartment, do not swap hinges on windows and doors on your own. If the item is damaged then the cost will be up to you. A specialist is often the cheaper choice in the end. For heritage-protected buildings, always pay attention to the fact that normally no externally visible changes can be made here.

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