Expand a balcony

Some important trends are currently being observed: urbanization is continuing and balconies are an important part of home or apartment. Unfortunately, many balconies are much too small. It used to be almost unthinkable, but today it's taken for granted - expanding a balcony. Find out what to expect when you expand a balcony and pay attention to it.

The current requirements for living room and balcony

Primarily because of the labor market situation, urbanization, ie the influx into city and large city, is still persistent. At the same time, however, this is accompanied by a certain yearning for nature. This is reflected in the fact that the balcony becomes an important area of ​​each apartment or house.

Unfortunately, many balconies are tight

Unfortunately, however, many balconies are not built in such a way that they could really be fully integrated into the living space of the flat or house. Balconies where there is just so much space between the back wall and the balcony railing that only one person can sit there without a table are the rule. Even balcony manufacturers and craftsmen have realized that expanding the balcony has become an unspectacular job.

You must take this into account when adding the balcony

However, extending a balcony is not always that easy. There are many factors to consider. These include the following points:

  • Creating blueprints
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Decision for a specific extension concept
  • cost review
  • Execution of the extension

Construction plan and building permit for extension

The balcony extension means a change in the facade, also a balcony is a supporting component. This not only requires a structural drawing made by a structural engineer, engineer or architect. This must also be building permit.

Technical options for balcony extensions

But it is important to know in advance how the balcony extension should be carried out. Balconies can be constructed differently, but not all of these techniques are suitable for expansion or within narrow limits.

  • Extend the self-supporting, cantilevered balcony (expand the concrete floor slab)
  • Enlarging the balcony by a hanging construction
  • Balcony extension on supports

Expand a cantilevered balcony floor plate

The balcony extension with a cantilevered floor panel says something about the weight, namely, that it is very high. Among others, steel, concrete and screed are used. Maybe even a heavy floor covering made of tiles or natural stone slabs.

Self-supporting expansion only conditionally

Thus, the extension of a self-supporting balcony construction very narrow limits set, which must be calculated by the architect or structural engineer exactly. Although no disturbing structure is to be seen here, but even the slightest error in execution can be seen even after many years in the form of massive structural damage.

Used materials and building materials

In addition, the existing balcony slab is usually connected to other materials. So steel beams are mounted on the balcony floor plate. These are then provided with lighter construction materials such as wood glue planks or wooden planks. However, a combination of materials certainly has its charms.

The hanging balcony extension

Alternatively, you can also "hang up" the balcony. These trusses are connected to the balcony floor plate and the facade of the building. These do not necessarily have to be attached to the outside of the plate. As a result, they can be concealed optically relatively well, which is why they are pushed into the background. However, the facade or the building must now derive the additional forces and be suitable for it. If the weight is too high, sit ups can occur.

The supported extension of the balcony

This is the safest way to extend a balcony. Depending on requirements, a corresponding number of supports on foundations connected to the ground. The weight of the balcony is derived so evenly. It can also be distributed accordingly, which is why the individual loads on the supports are also rather low.

Very large balcony areas with possible shelter

This type of balcony extension is stable and durable, but also space-intensive and visible from afar. But it can be well combined with other concepts, such as a balcony with a carport, so a really huge expanded balcony area.

Combinations as an extension

In addition, there is also the possibility to combine these technical concepts, so for example, a discreet suspension construction with equally inconspicuous supports. Especially if multiple apartment blocks are to be extended one above the other, this is a good procedure.

Conclusion: do not lose sight of the costs

There is practically the best solution for all requirements. Nevertheless, you should still remember that the above-mentioned expansion techniques also show up in different costs. Therefore you should plan and prepare the balcony enlargement exactly.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the balcony extension, a balcony can be extended. But not all buildings have a balcony at all. In this case, today there are also good ways to retrofit a corresponding balcony.

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