Beautify the balcony floor: our best ideas

A clean, beautifully designed balcony floor is particularly inviting, he determines the atmosphere on the outside seat decisively. We'll tell you some tricks on how to beautify your flooring, so you and your guests can feel really comfortable on the balcony and enjoy the summer together!

So beautify the balcony floor

After the winter, a mixture of warm water, soda and detergent ensures that the balcony floor is clean again. Also dissolved in water citric acid or vinegar water contribute to the thorough cleaning. Wood should only be treated with water and detergent!

The wooden decking looks really nice again when it has been re-oiled or waxed. Natural stone slabs, on the other hand, only look really nice with a certain natural patina.

If you want to creatively shape your balcony floor, remove some of the flooring and use a beautiful stone mosaic. Even walk-in glass panels create a stylish change, as do chic outdoor rugs.

Tips & Tricks

It gets really atmospheric on the balcony with a self-designed mini pond.

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