Install a balcony floor professionally: our short tips

For the balcony area there are many different floor coverings with different properties. However, certain rules must always be observed when laying, no matter what the material is. For example, the balcony slab must first be optimally sealed and have a slope to drain the rainwater. What else is there to consider?

Lay balcony floor: observe important rules

The balcony slab can be sealed with bitumen, liquid plastic or special foil, for example. The slope away from the house wall should be as much as 1 to 2%. If the incline is lower or too strong, it should be corrected in the course of the sealing.

Glazed tiles can be glued directly onto the seal, usually after priming. However, wood tiles and natural stone slabs require a rear ventilation: here often a plastic substructure comes into play or a drainage bed made of gravel.

Tips & Tricks

If you really want to install your balcony floor professionally, inquire beforehand exactly according to the required procedure. Each material has its own characteristics!

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