Properly seal the balcony floor

A professionally sealed balcony floor ensures that no moisture can penetrate into the building fabric. Because water under the tiles and in the concrete slab gradually destroys the material, especially because even if the frost is added. We will explain how and how to properly seal your balcony floor to keep the outside seat intact for as long as possible.

How can you seal a balcony floor?

The balcony floor can be sealed with several materials, among which you can choose freely. From mineral materials to plastic paints everything is there. Here is a selection of the most important sealants:

  • Special cement for painting on the balcony plate
  • Special foils for laying or gluing
  • Bituminous sheets for welding
  • Bitumen coating for painting
  • Liquid plastic for painting the floor

Liquid plastics have the advantage that they can also form attractive decorative layers and so a decorative floor covering is no longer necessary. In addition, they can be applied to both damaged and intact surfaces. They even have a crack-bridging effect.

How can a balcony seal be made?

You can only insulate your entire balcony if you first remove the old floor covering except for the bare balcony slab. Thereafter, the plate is rehabilitated: it must be drained and repaired until a sustainable substrate is formed.

On this surface you then attach your seal. If you decide to go for a seal coat, first glue the adjoining wall and railing carefully so as not to pollute these areas.

When sealing the balcony floor, it is especially important to work carefully on the edges, because this is where the biggest weak spot is. When using sealing films, terminal strips help, and special sealing strips can also be attached to edge areas.

Lay drainage and decoupling mats

Before applying a new floor covering to your finished balcony floor waterproofing, find out about special drainage and decoupling mats. Drainage mats help drain the balcony and decoupling mats keep underground tensions away from the new tile floor.

The new flooring: what should it look like?

After you've sealed the balcony floor, lay your new floor. These are the most popular balcony coverings at a glance:

  • glazed tiles
  • Natural stone slabs
  • Real wood tiles or floorboards
  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) as tiles or planks

Tips & Tricks

If there is no damage caused by water penetration, it can be enough to seal a tiled balcony floor with a plastic coating. The lotus effect then rolls off the rainwater.

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