A balcony covering made of plastic: is that possible?

PVC flooring is inexpensive and there is a wide choice of different designs. Since the idea is obvious to use the plastic covering for the balcony. This not only saves money over a wooden or tiled floor, but also a lot of work when laying. Can you do something wrong with this decision?

The disadvantages of a PVC balcony flooring

Laying a hard-wearing but inexpensive PC-based plastic floor on the balcony not only brings advantages. For example, the self-applied application of the coating is not quite as easy as the layman imagines:

In contrast to indoor PVC, outdoor flooring must also be completely watertight at the edges and edges. Moisture accumulates on the back of the floor, causing a rotting process that gnaws the material from below. It is also essential to avoid condensation.

If a towel or other object remains on the PVC balcony covering during rainy weather, unpleasant discolouration can also occur.

You should consider this when choosing your balcony covering

PVC for the balcony must be particularly UV and weather resistant. In addition, for your own safety and to protect your guests, you should choose a product with an anti-slip surface, as accidents may otherwise occur in the rain.

Take a look outside of the roll: PVC planks in wood look have a natural effect and look particularly good on the balcony. However, there are a lot of joints to seal in which otherwise rainwater can penetrate.

Plastic balcony coverings: alternatives to the PVC floor

If you do not want wood, tile or natural stone floors, but prefer plastic, there are still some alternatives to PVC. Here are our suggestions:

  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a combination of plastic and wood fibers. The material has a pleasant wood look, but is just as easy-care and durable as high-quality plastic. WPC is available in practical tile and plank form.
  • A coating of liquid plastic also serves as a seal of the balcony slab and protects the building fabric from damage caused by water penetration. In addition, some of these plastics form very decorative surfaces that contribute to the cozy balcony atmosphere.
  • Also plastic tiles are enjoying great popularity as a balcony covering. They are inexpensive and can be laid in a simple click system. They are characterized by a high UV and water resistance and are generally recommended for outdoor use as PVC.
  • Artificial turf is, as the name implies, made of plastic. Modern products of this category look very lifelike, but are much easier to clean than a real lawn. An artificial turf covering for the balcony requires drainage.

Tips & Tricks

Whichever balcony flooring you choose, include not only the look, but also the functionality of each product in your considerations. If you are familiar with the material properties, you will also find the right covering for your purposes!

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