Balcony covering made of WPC

Balcony covering made of WPC: made

The design options are great at WPC: So can the Planks also for pier systems, for lying areas at swimming pools or to the pool edge be used. And even lights can be integrated in the terrace floor.

The care is relatively simple: who now and then the dust returns, has already done most of the work. If necessary, a high-pressure cleaner can also be used - always clean in the direction of the grain. And if winter is with you Snow and ice strike, salt can be scattered on the planks become.

From April to October we spend - if the weather permits - a lot of time on local terraces and balconies. So that everything is perfect, from time to time you will not be able to avoid a renovation.

Especially the floor covering needs to be renewed from time to time. Have proved successful here Wood-plastic composites, WPC for short.

Himself is the man

Even if you are not a professional, you can easily lay WPC yourself with a little manual skill.

It is important that you massive planks choosesbecause they do without caps like caps. Otherwise, a sturdy substructure that ideally consists of boiler-impregnated wood, hardwood or steel is enough to secure the planks to it.

Who decides to WPC, can assume that he many years its terrace covering can use. Warranties of up to 25 years are e.g. at the company Mydeck not uncommon. Due to the nature - WPC is made of both wood and plastic - the material is easy to care for and is not easily affected by the weather.

Become for the wood Trees like maple, spruce, oak and Douglas fir used, the plastic is made of polyethylene, which is mixed with wood flour. This processing method makes barefoot running on the planks a pleasure because they can not splinter. The appearance is ensured by different surfaces.

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