Balcony fountain as prefabricated kit or build yourself

Balcony fountains, which are also suitable for terraces or indoor fountains, are available in a variety of designs as prefabricated kits in DIY stores, in online shops and in furniture stores. The sizes range from small wells, which can also be accommodated on a stable table, to floor constructions with a square meter of floor space.

Full or partial kits

The offer of balcony fountain is almost unmanageable. The kits are equipped with a closed water cycle, which is filled once. An integrated pump conveys the downflowed water to the upper water outlet, where it flows down through the well elements. Prerequisite for the permanent function and the safe operation is the tightness.

Depending on the design of the balcony well, the system is ready for operation after installation or the stand must seal the well. After the first start-up, the new balcony well should be permanently supervised in the first few hours in order to be able to detect and remedy any leaks at an early stage. In most cases, squirting joints and sealing leaks are sufficient with silicone.

Materials and model examples

As materials from which a concrete well is made, mainly stone, wood and plastic are used. In addition to complete systems, sub-assemblies are available, which can be supplemented by the self-build, for example, a well trough. A popular design of recent years are ball wells in which a granite or marble stone ball or a stainless steel ball in a shallow pool of water is set in motion by the flowing water.

A classic model variant is a large source stone as the center, which is pierced vertically and the water exits at the upper opening. The water runs off according to the source stone form and can be further distributed by the creation of further stones.

Well and water weight

When a balcony well made of stone, the sometimes high dead weight must be considered. Even smaller models quickly reach the hundred kilograms and the weight of the water adds up. Therefore, before buying a heavy concrete well, it is important to check whether the intended pitch can easily carry the weight, especially on such a small footprint.

Construct balcony fountain yourself

As an alternative to a prefabricated kit, a well can also be built by yourself. It should be decided in advance whether the balcony fountain should be permanently installed or should be removable or even mobile. In rental apartments and houses a demountable and mobile version is recommended.

The ideas for designing the fountain depend on personal taste and creativity. Important is the closed and dense water cycle. For a watertight base are old stainless baking trays, wash bowls or flat planters.

Tips & Tricks

If you order a balcony or room well, you will not be able to test the noise of the pump. A too loud pump can lower the entertainment value of your well to zero.

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