Buy or build balcony furniture at low prices

Balcony furniture - space saving and cheap

Buy or build balcony furniture at low prices: build

The first rays of sun break through the clouds, which have been so gray up to now, and cause the temperatures to rise. Nature is awakening and people are increasingly driving it outdoors again. At least in your own garden or alternatively on the balcony. But while all kinds of furniture can be found in the garden, it can be very tight on a balcony. The stylish polyrattan lounge furniture can not only blow up the dimensions of the balcony quickly, but also your own wallet. We want to introduce you to the possible alternatives and pay attention to a space-saving design of the balcony furniture. So every little open-air cell becomes a temple of relaxation, at least for a short time.

Balcony furniture made of metal, wood, plastic and rattan

Buy or build balcony furniture at low prices: build

Already with the selection of the material of the balcony furniture you have different options, which bring you different advantages and disadvantages. So polyrattan furniture are virtually excluded from a certain size of the balcony. They are usually too bulky and can not fold in any way, so there is no way to accommodate the rattan furniture to save space. Unless, you put on polyromans lobster chairs. Rattan is an ideal material for outdoor use and convinces with its special seating comfort. Anyone who has the necessary space and can store the furniture permanently on the balcony or would like to find in Polyrattanmöbeln a high quality, comfortable and stylish product.

Plastic furniture is probably the cheapest way to get to balcony furniture, but they bring a crucial problem with them: they are not hinged and therefore not space-saving accommodate. The plastic furniture can at least be stacked on top of each other. At the same time you have a decisive advantage: they are very easy to care for. In most cases it is sufficient to simply wipe the plastic furniture. Furthermore, the furniture is very weatherproof, so storage outdoors should not cause any problems. In addition, you probably have the widest selection of different colors with this material, with which you can set further accents. However, plastic furniture usually can not compete with the durability of such strong materials as poly rattan, wood or even metal. Excessively high loads can often cause parts to break out of the plastic.

Buy or build balcony furniture at low prices: table

Therefore, when it comes to space-saving balcony furniture, furniture made of metal or wood are the best options. These materials are mostly balcony chairs or balcony tables made, which are hinged. When not in use, they take up very little space, so you can use the balcony in the time when you do not need the balcony furniture, otherwise. You can change the furniture for the balcony e.g. hang it on a hook, which you hit in the wall beforehand, and stow it in a convenient corner. Unfortunately, balcony furniture made of metal and wood in comparison are not too cheap. Both metal and wood are extremely weather-resistant - if you have been treated accordingly. Especially the fittings should be protected against corrosion. The wood should continue to be painted. The highest protection is stainless steel. Balcony furniture made of metal and wood should never overwinter outdoor. Consider a suitable storage option if you purchase such balcony furniture.

Maintain balcony furniture and hibernate
For further information on the treatment of the different materials, please read our detailed article on garden furniture. Would you like to leave the balcony furniture on the balcony, we recommend you continue our articles on the subject of polyrattan furniture, paint wood furniture, restore and paint metal furniture and winterize furniture.

Balcony furniture of a special kind: balcony bench from the ground
Who possesses a small balcony must be ultimately only inventive. Good that there are resourceful furniture designers who apparently had to do with a small balcony. The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious: The seat for the balcony is simply integrated into the floor, so that you can literally bring it out when you need it. Otherwise, the beautiful floor serves as a normal floor space and can be used. Only downside: the seat could be soiled by running around on it. So either always kick your feet off before you enter the balcony, or hold a rag. And if you can not imagine anything under this idea so far, we provide in this video the vivid example of how balcony furniture can look from the floor.

Retractable balcony bench (video):

Balcony chair as folding chair or balcony chair
The size of your balcony leads to further decisions. It's not just about the right material - which incidentally should fit into the overall ambience - but also the possible size of the furniture that you can put on the balcony. Basically everybody wants to be able to sit at least on the balcony and the balcony is still so small.

With a balcony chair you have different possibilities. First, you should be aware of the number of possible chairs. Afterwards, you can decide whether to take large, heavy chairs that you store permanently on the balcony, or rather smaller variants in the form of folding chairs, which you can certainly use in your home.

If enough space is available, balcony armchairs naturally offer much more comfort than the folding chairs. In addition to the necessary space, the armchairs are also more expensive and are actually worthwhile only if they are actually used permanently.

Balcony table: Parisian cafe or knight's table

Buy or build balcony furniture at low prices: build

A balcony table not only increases the comfort, but also the charm that a balcony can spray. Breakfast for two outdoors in the sunshine awakens the spirits and is relaxing at the same time. The given space, however, determines the size again: Should it rather be a small round table, which resembles those in Parisian cafes, or find a massive dining table, in which several people could dine at the same time?

While a small balcony table can be stowed, the large table is a permanent purchase for the outside area. Of course, the tabletop does not have to be round. Sometimes square variations are even better, because they better fit the cut of the balcony. In addition, if the balcony table is not mobile, you can also screw the table to the wall - if possible - and use the folding mechanism. In this way you can save space and only have to open the table when you really need it.

Balcony as a creative center

Buy or build balcony furniture at low prices: balcony

Not only with furniture you can save space on your balcony. Similar to our first suggestion to get the bank off the ground, there are many other ways to make the balcony in a variety of ways and to use the possibly small space to your advantage. The following video shows some creative ideas for effective use of the balcony.

But do not forget your own creativity. With a little color you can give many balcony furniture a different look and thereby change the overall mood on the balcony. We will give you tips on how to furnish balcony furniture.

Balcony furniture: beer tent atmosphere on the balcony
If you only think of a balcony chair and a balcony table with balcony furniture, should expand its horizon a bit. If you enjoy being outdoors in the company of friends and spending many evenings in company on your balcony, you may not only want to think about individual chairs, but also be inspired by a beer table set.

Ultimately, a consistent bench takes up significantly less space than many individual chairs, even if they are foldable. In addition, you can use the benches in the interior for extra seating, weather should prevent a celebration on the balcony.

Build beer table set yourself
And if you can not find the right set, just build it yourself. You can adjust the dimensions of the beer table set to your balcony. Our corresponding building instructions for the beer table set will help you in the realization:

Construction manual for the beer table set

Build in foldable balcony table
Especially useful for balconies are folding tables. If you do not feel like setting the table aside in the summer when the sun lounger is used, you will find a construction manual with which you can build a retractable balcony table yourself:

Construction manual for folding balcony table

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