Balcony glazing - prices and costs

A balcony glazing is becoming more popular not only because of the bad weather. Thanks to the high rents, the gain in living space also plays a significant role in the desire for balcony glazing. Whether tenant or homeowner, the balcony glazing has many advantages. Here we show you the costs and prices.

Conservatory on the balcony

The prices for the balcony glazing are often based on the costs of a conservatory. For large balconies even whole Anlehnwintergärten are offered, which are perfectly adapted to the size of the balcony. These usually have aluminum profiles and a single glazing.

Insert window

Balconies with a half-height brick parapet can be easily glazed with normal windows. To determine the exact prices and costs, the price list helps the window manufacturers. For a small balcony, the glazing in the best case can already be realized for about 500 euros. Then even turn / tilt windows have been installed. This is in any case pay attention anyway, because the balcony heats up otherwise quickly and an additional ventilation would have to be installed.

Prices for balcony glazing

If an element for a balcony glazing is adapted to a niche, here often the lower part is firmly glazed and in the upper part are usually some windows incorporated, which can be opened. If the balcony should also have glazing on the sides, additional posts must be installed at the corners to ensure stability.

  • Plastic element about 2.20 meters high x 3.60 meters wide - about 1.550,00 Euro
  • Glazed plastic element for pages about 2.20 meters high x 1.50 meters wide - about 450.00 euros

Open balcony

A balcony, which is also open at the top and has a certain area, is ideally suited to build a leaning winter garden on it. So you have built a glazed balcony quickly and from a single source. Depending on the height of the fall, however, laminated safety glass must be used if the leaning winter garden is being built on the balcony.

  • Anlehnwintergarten 2.39 meters high - surface area 3.40 x 2.60 meters - 960.00 euros
  • Anlehnwintergarten 2.39 meters high - surface area 3.40 x 1.50 meters - 780.00 euros


If a balcony door is provided with sliding folding doors, nevertheless a fall protection must be attached. In the summer, however, this variant of the glazing is ideal because the entire glass surface can simply be pushed aside.

  • Sliding folding doors - 4 elements each 2.60 meters high x 0.80 meters wide - without tilt function from 1.400,00 Euro

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to make the conversion by yourself, you should definitely get several offers from local suppliers. But also look at reference objects and check the providers for their reliability.

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