To build a balcony: What are the costs?

A private balcony at the house or apartment creates a bit more living quality. The outdoor seating provides a private retreat in the fresh air, for comfortable sitting, flowering plants or sunbathing. The costs vary, depending on the design and size of the balcony. We provide you with guideline values ​​that allow you to classify your construction project.

Four types of balconies and their costs

If you want to grow a balcony, the first thing that comes to mind is what type of outdoor seating it should be. The entrance balcony on four pillars places the least load on the façade and is priced at the lower level.

The self-supporting balcony with cantilevers, however, is completely anchored in the facade and usually the most expensive alternative. An extension balcony with two supports on the front offers itself as an intermediate version, which is often not quite as expensive as the cantilever balcony.

Another possibility is the suspended balcony, which is anchored to steel cables suspended in the facade. Again, the area below the balcony remains freely available, but this model also costs more money than the stored on supports.

To grow a balcony: You have to expect these costs!

In the following we give you some price examples for a better orientation. These are approximate averages, which may vary up or down depending on the construction project. Not included are the wall openings and the balcony door.

  • Calculating the statics of the new balcony will cost you around 500 EUR.
  • For a prefabricated, cheap Vorstellbalkon you pay about 800 EUR per square meter.
  • A Vorstellbalkon with 2 supports in base variant is approximately 1,000 EUR per square meter.
  • A simple cantilevered balcony costs about 1,500 EUR per sqm.

For self-supporting balconies, you can expect that the price per square meter decreases with increasing size. However, larger cantilever balconies tend to be more expensive, because anchoring and statics have to be coordinated very precisely.

The self-supporting cantilever balcony is limited as well as the suspended balcony in size. Here it all depends on what weight the respective facade can carry.

Cost example for a new balcony

A homeowner wants to grow a balcony on the south side of his house. He chooses a timber extension with wooden terrain. A specialist company performs the assembly.

Cost overviewprice
1. Statics and planning permission650 EUR
2. prefabricated wooden balcony with railing3,800 euros
3. Assembly1,200 EUR
4. Wall opening and balcony door2,200 EUR
total7,850 EUR

Save money by own work?

Not everyone can grow a balcony. Above all, the models worn by the facade are professional thing: this is about safety! A pre-fabricated Vorstellbalkon can be installed according to instructions cost-effectively, so home improvement can save good money.

In the third part of our series on the topic of balcony cultivation, it is quite concrete to the building permit for the new outdoor seating.

Tips & Tricks

A balcony with glass floor lets the sun through: a good way to continue to provide the area below the cultivation with natural light!

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