Balcony annex on or in the attic

The balcony of apartments and houses has such a high priority as hardly ever before. But at the same time high demands are placed on a balcony. Thus, the balcony annex on or in the attic not only creates a particularly exclusive ambience, it is also extremely popular. In this guide you will learn everything about the balcony annex or in the attic.

The balcony annex in the attic - what is it?

Surely you will be a little confused when we write about the "balcony annex on or in the attic". After all, how should the balcony in and not on the attic look like. There is also the balcony within a building. This balcony, which lies within the floor plan of a building, is called a loggia. In the guide "Balcony types" you will learn, among other things, that there are the following balcony concepts:

  • cantilevered balcony (classic balcony on the facade)
  • attached or prefabricated balcony (in front of the facade, but with better characteristics than a cantilever panel)
  • Loggia (inside balcony)
  • Roof loggia (interior balcony in the attic
  • Roof terrace (actually Altan or Söller), if the entire roof area is the "balcony"
  • Bay window (fully converted balcony
  • Erkerbalkon (actually again Söller or Altan)

The special balcony annex in the attic - the roof loggia

The balcony located inside the attic is thus correctly expressed as a roof loggia. The roof loggia must necessarily be built on the eaves side (long side of the roof) (and can only be completed on the ridge side). Opposite is the balcony attached to the attic. This can be built on the eaves as well as the first side.

Structural features of the eaves-side balcony annex

On the first wall the roof balcony is like a conventional balcony grow. The special features of the attached balcony or the attached roof loggia arise in the planning and implementation on the eaves side. Because in this case you have to open the roof at least at standing height and on the length (along the facade) of the balcony.

Roof loggia and dormer - counterpart to loggia and bay window

Surely you now notice the close relationship of dormers to Dachloggia. For, what is the outside balcony of the bay window, is in principle for the converted Dachloggia the dormer - namely nothing but a converted balcony.

Thus dormer and Dachloggia share the same difficulties in the execution. In the case of a balcony attached to the eaves of the attic, you will have to build or at least convert a dormer window as a balcony access anyway (balcony door instead of a dormer window).

The same challenges of the eaves side balcony as the dormer

Through the installation of a dormer (also as an entrance to the outside of the attic attached balcony), as well as the expansion of a roof loggia within the roof plan, the stability quality of the roof is automatically reduced. On the one hand, the existing angles and cut-outs create thermal bridges; on the other hand, complete drainage places high demands on the planners and construction contractors. In addition there are massive static changes or worsening.

Prerequisites for balcony annex on or in the attic

The eaves-side balcony on the top floor as well as the roof loggia by taking out a part of the roof truss thus represents the highest technical requirements. In addition, these construction projects are also subject to building permit. So you already have to hand in the planning and construction planning to suitably certified institutions (architects, structural engineers, if necessary appropriate craftsmen, etc.). Anyone who is eligible for this is governed by the respective state building regulations of a federal state.

Not every roof truss is suitable for balcony cultivation

Keep in mind that the installation of a dormer is not possible with every roof truss. The roof truss types focus in particular on the properties of purlin and rafter roof chair. Specifically, you can find out which roof structure is suitable for the construction of a balcony on or in the attic in the linked guidebooks for the roof trusses, or which extension can not be made, at least on the eaves side.

Tips & Tricks

Nevertheless, the eaves-side roof balcony is hardly to be exceeded in terms of exclusivity and extraordinary charm. The roof loggia has a negative effect on the already limited roof area, but creates a roof balcony that not everyone can call their own, and therefore can hardly be surpassed in individuality and exclusivity. The cultivation of such a balcony on the roof (on the eaves side) thus also represents a huge increase in the value of the apartment or the house.

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