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Enjoy the summer on the balcony stress-free

Basically, tenants can use the balcony and terrace as they wish. Measures in which Interventions in the building fabric are necessary, must be approved by the landlord become. Listening to the radio and watching TV only until 22:00. The installation of clothes racks and tables and chairs is not a problem.

Hot days and balmy evenings - if you want to enjoy the sun and do not go on vacation, spend your free time on the balcony in summer.

"Tenants should, however, always take into account that although they can use balconies and terraces as well as their apartment in principle, as they want Do not affect the interests of the landlord or neighbor"says Jürgen Michael Schick, vice president and spokesman of the Real Estate Association Germany (IVD).

Parabolic antenna

Verdict: Landlords can indeed attach a Ban parabolic antenna on the house facade if there is a cable connection gives. However, the barely visible parking of a satellite dish on the balcony is permitted.

If a tenement has a cable connection, tenants usually have no right to install a parabolic antenna. Sat-cups firmly anchored to the façade can spoil the appearance of the house. On top of that, at the Mounting sometimes damaged the facade.

But there are exceptions, has now, according to the real estate portal the Federal Court of Justice (Az.: VIII ZR 207/04). The tenants put a parabolic antenna on the balcony, Without this fixed to install, the landlord can usually not prohibit.

This is true at least when the antenna is the Appearance of the house not or only slightly affectedt. In this case, the tenant's interest in receiving sat would be higher than the landlord's interest in not tolerating a satellite dish. Because neither optics nor substance of the house would be affected in this case.


In any case, it is not a problem, a small drying rack and chairs and tables set up. "The colors of the furniture and the decision whether to decorate the balcony, for example, with a lawn carpet, are the sole responsibility of the tenant," says Schick.

Barbecue / smoking

Also smoking on the balcony may not be prohibited for the protection of non-smoking neighbors (District Court Bonn, Az. 6 C 510/98). Barbecues are always reasonable intervals allowed, as long as you keep the smoke under control. "It works best with a gas or electric grill or the use of aluminum trays," advises Schick.

Party / radio / television

However, if you are sitting outside for a long time, you should pay attention to the general night's sleep and from 10 pm on the balcony no longer listening to the radio, watching TV or celebrating loud parties.

Flower boxes / parasol

Fixing flower boxes on the balcony or setting up flowerpots is also allowed. The condition is that these do not work even in strong winds fall down and do not endanger passersby or neighbors.

The same applies to a parasol: "It has to be fastened stable, it is not enough, for example, to stick it with the handle in a sand pail," illustrates Schick. "For flower boxes that are installed on the outside of the parapet, sometimes the permission of the landlord is necessary.

Because many homeowners a uniform facade design is important, the flower boxes must therefore fit the house, "says Schick to consider.

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