Balcony on the carport

When the carport is first standing, many homeowners quickly come to the idea that it could be used as a balcony when looking at the car shelter. Even with the planned construction of a carport many of the idea with the balcony are not averse. But the construction law is to pay particular attention here.

Carports and garages and neighborhood law

A look as a homeowner on the property, and quickly you get the idea that you could use the whole place but much better. For example, by simply putting on the garage or the carport a balcony or a roof terrace. Just from the carport typical dimensions of the roof would make the optimal balcony.

The respective building regulations must be observed

However, most carports and garages have in common that they are near or immediately to the property boundary. But here are very special rules from a certain property near the border of less than 3 to 2.5 m:

  • built-up length may not be more than 9 m (in most states)
  • built-up height may not exceed 3 m
  • Use of carports and garages is clearly regulated
  • Constructed area may not exceed a certain volume

The zoning plan gives even more detailed information

In particular, however, it is important here that the border development is a matter for the Länder, ie part of the respective state building regulations of the federal state concerned. In addition, however, the development plan can provide information about it, which in turn is determined by the responsible municipality (municipality, district administration, district building authority, etc.).

However, it can be assumed that more stringent requirements will be applied here than is the case with the applicable state building regulations. In addition, however, the purpose of use of a garage or a carport is clearly regulated.

Use as a balcony does not correspond to the actual carport use

The use of a carport as a balcony or roof terrace, so a regularly walk-in carport, is not among them. In other words, if you want to allow a carport to be approved on the basis of the car undercover, this does not include using it as a roof terrace or carport balcony.

Heights are exceeded anyway

In addition, the unauthorized use is quickly apparent and particularly noticeable, as well as a railing must be attached. However, most carports are available in this country as a kit, which in turn are matched exactly to the provisions of the building codes. That is, the height of the carports is usually 3 m.

Fatal consequences on balcony without railing

If you now attach the railing to the carport, the height would be exceeded and quickly recognizable. On the other hand, a balcony or a roof terrace may not be executed without fall protection. This in turn means that you could possibly get even more trouble than a black brick if you deliberately endanger the lives of others. Exactly that is given if you have a balcony or a roof terrace or sufficient fall protection.

Your neighbor will usually have to agree

Ultimately, this means that you have to have your neighbors and / or neighbors give you the corresponding declaration of consent in writing. However, whether the neighbors in turn agree that you set a roof terrace at a height of 3 meters directly at the edge of their property, which allows you to observe them closely, may be doubted. That's why there is the neighborhood law in this form.

Tips & Tricks

Often it happens that neighbors build a carport and this first meets the building regulations requirements. Later, suddenly there is a railing on the shelter and it is used as a terrace. Quickly something penetrates to the appropriate offices. In the course of the dispute, the neighbor, who has built something like this, often comes to the so far not consenting neighbors and demands a neighborly consent or even a construction master clarification. If you agree, you could do nothing more in the future. So also with the building master clarification, only that thereby the to be kept border distances are transferred to your property. A land survey would therefore have a massive negative impact on your own land use. From both requests is in hindsight (in a black building) urgently advised against.

Video Board: sketch balcony with carport