Balcony on stilts or without? Self-supporting balcony under the magnifying glass

The Vorstellbalkon on four supports is just a beloved model for the balcony. In fact, it has many benefits that are important in planning the construction project. The client should also be aware of the disadvantages! We provide detailed information as an important basis for making decisions, so that you are satisfied with your new balcony in the long term.

What kind of balcony should it be?

The various balconies are divided by design into four types, from completely self-supporting to just attached to the facade. Between these models you can choose:

  • Cantilever balcony without stilts, supported by the facade
  • Suspended balcony without stilts, supported by the facade
  • Attached balcony with two stilts in the front area, partly supported by the facade
  • Front balcony with four stilts, completely self-supporting

Until the 1970s, the floor ceiling was extended to create a balcony. However, this creates a cold bridge that ensures high energy consumption. Balconies of this type should be insulated later.

What are the advantages of the self-supporting balcony?

The completely self-supporting balcony on four stilts does not burden the building facade. It can even be applied to houses whose façades are only slightly resilient.

In addition, it is only selectively attached to the wall, so that the thermal insulation of the house remains largely intact. This type of balcony is hardly limited in area, with the addition of additional supports, it can be extended in all directions, as far as the property extends.

Another big advantage lies in the price of the balcony with stilts: Prefabricated outdoor seats of this type are particularly cost-effective, often the price per square meter drops even for larger areas. In addition, a trained home improvement can even mount such a balcony itself.

What are the disadvantages of the balcony on stilts?

The balcony on stilts has a big disadvantage: Thanks to the supports, the area underneath the new building element can no longer be used freely. Possibly parking or garden areas are restricted.

Some builders do not like the look of the stilt construction and therefore opt for a cantilever or suspended balcony. They often accept higher costs and a limited balcony area.

In the 5th part of our series on balcony cultivation, we present you the different materials from which modern balconies are made.

Tips & Tricks

Check with the manufacturer of your desired balcony for an integrated drainage system without rain gutter. There are interesting solutions that enhance the aesthetics of your balcony!

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