Balcony cladding - from reed up to PE covering

Most people see their balcony as a private space, they would like to protect from strange eyes. Especially when the outside seat is on the street side or close to the neighboring house, a balcony paneling is recommended. It not only provides a pleasant privacy, but also determines the look and the balcony with decisive. We help with the selection!

The most cost-effective balcony paneling

Particularly cost-effective to have various plastic covers made of polyethylene, which are often designed in green-white, blue-white or yellow-white striped pattern. These products have built-in metal eyelets, which are used to attach with loops.

A 3 meter long stringing is already available at a price of 10 to 15 EUR to buy. The material can withstand a few years outdoors, it is also relatively tear-resistant and UV-stable, but is not one of the noblest variants.

Nice plastic covers: different looks

A plastic mesh that mimics the look of the up-to-date Polyratten furniture looks less airy-light, but the material brings a modern flair with it. The privacy screens, which are mostly in dark tones, also have eyelets, but cost around 20 EUR per meter.

Some plastic covers are made from such a lightweight, fabric-like PE fabric that they can even be machine washed. These products often come with beautiful designs, such as summer grasses, boldly drawn leaves and labels.

With a price of about 40 EUR per 3-meter track, these panels are not too expensive either. They can be easily tied to the railing with the help of the metal eyelets.

Screening mats: stable and customizable

In contrast to the above-mentioned plastic tarpaulins have privacy mats a firmer consistency, they are supplied as a roll and can be easily cut individually. Some mats are made of natural material, others of plastic. All prices are approximate values ​​for the lowest height.

Screening mats made of natural material

Durable natural materials such as bamboo sticks, willow branches and heather roots lend themselves to balcony cladding. They exude their natural charm on the patio and provide for real comfort.

  • Weidenmatten is available for about 30 to 40 EUR per 3 meters to buy. The tightly glued willow branches always allow a little light and create a homely atmosphere. The wood is relatively weatherproof, but it weathers over time.
  • Reed mats often have a lighter color than wicker mats, prices start at a cheap 10 EUR per 3 meters mat. The material is relatively weatherproof, but grayed over time.
  • Bamboo mats bring Asian flair to the balcony, they cost from about 30 EUR per 3 meters. Bamboo is very stable and weatherproof.
  • Bark wood mats bring a rustic look with them. The rough surfaces of the mostly rust-free rods have a particularly natural charm. If you invest 30 EUR, often receives a 3 meter long mat of durable bark.
  • Heather mats look primeval, they remind of the fencing of old farmhouses. For a 3 meter long mat you pay from about 100 EUR. The material can be used well as a climbing aid.
  • Fern mats are much lighter, sometimes the fronds are decorative. Whether plaited or glued, prices start at around 30 EUR per 3 meters.

Plastic mats in modern design

Screening mats made of plastic often consist of hard-wearing and weather-resistant rigid PVC in the form of a rod. The material can have a natural look, be translucent or wear different colors and patterns.

  • The balcony paneling in wood look may not look deceptively real, but provides more comfort on the balcony. In addition, the plastic material does not weather so quickly and is very UV resistant. The cost is around 55 EUR per 3-meter mat.
  • The balcony cladding in aluminum look has a noble-cool charisma, with this material can set chic accents. This variant is available for purchase at a price of about 50 EUR per 3 meters.
  • The balcony paneling in the desired color can be wonderfully adapted to the balcony. The result is a color-coordinated outdoor seating at a price of around EUR 40 per 3 meters.
  • The balcony cladding made of translucent material has a similar effect as frosted or grooved glass: it serves as an effective privacy screen, but lets the sunlight through. Also colorations are possible. 3 meters cost from about 40 to 50 EUR.

Also protect the balcony sides from view

Despite the attached balcony cladding, the adjoining balcony on the side provides a good view of the private patio. In order to be protected from prying eyes, dressing with side protection elements is recommended.

  • Side compartments, possibly collapsible
  • height-adjustable side awning
  • high balcony partition walls made of matching material

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that the complete fixing material is included in the price of your balcony cladding. Often, certain individual parts, such as attachment loops, to acquire extra.

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