The balcony partition

Explicitly in cities, a balcony is the only retreat for many people to feel nature. Quickly you feel on a balcony in its prominent location but also watched. A remedy here, for example, to the neighbors a side view protection in the form of a balcony partition. But you can not easily erect a balcony partition.

The side view and wind protection through a balcony partition

Many balconies, especially in buildings with numerous housing units are designed so that the balcony neighbor can literally look at the plate. Of course this is not necessarily a situation that improves the recovery factor on a balcony. Soon comes the idea to implement the side balcony protection in the form of a balcony partition.

A balcony partition can not be implemented easily

However, you should not start immediately with the implementation. There are many aspects that must first be clarified or questioned. This concerns in particular:

  • building regulations and building regulations and requirements
  • Conditions imposed by landlords, property management, owner community
  • Approval of the neighbor

Building law situation

Building law different laws are to be considered. In addition to the nationwide legislation, this applies to the state building regulations applicable to the respective federal state, but also to the municipal development plan. Finally, attaching a balcony partition can mean a change in the building fabric or the facade.

Specifications by landlord or property management

In this context, you must also take into account any regulations by the landlord, the property management or the owner community. In order to ensure a uniform and orderly façade, there may be various requirements and requirements.

The neighbor has a say even in condominiums

Most surprising, but probably for most people, that even the neighbor when setting up a balcony partition wall must be asked for his consent. This is not only applicable to rented properties with balcony, but also to residential property. In 2008, for example, the regional court in Itzehoe pronounced a corresponding judgment.

Neighbors are strengthened accordingly by judgments

The judges assumed that a balcony, which was initially built without balcony partitions, would offer a visual generosity. In other words, the neighbor may feel restricted because he can no longer enjoy his generosity on his balcony, for example in the form of a magnificent all-round view.

Agreement of the neighbor to the balcony partition

Therefore, you should also discuss it with your neighbors and demand the appropriate consent. However, you should always have your written consent in order to be able to exclude a lawsuit in any case.

Possible alternatives that the neighbor can also accept

You may also agree on alternatives with your neighbor. Especially if the balcony partition is used more as a windscreen for privacy. Then you could agree with your neighbor, for example, on a balcony windscreen made of glass or Plexiglas.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a balcony with a generously open railing, you can install a privacy screen in front of the balcony railing (on the inside). A screen can not be denied up to the parapet or railing height. This is especially true if you install the balcony screen without drilling.

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