Balcony railings - renew and renovate

The balcony railing is important both for the safety of visitors to the balcony, as well as for the look. If the balcony railing looks old and ailing, it pulls down the whole house. The value of the property may even decline if the balcony railing needs to be renewed. What simple solutions there are for a renovation, we show here.

Refurbish precious with stainless steel

A balcony railing made of stainless steel is particularly light and noble. If it is eventually combined with glass fillings, a lot of light gets onto the balcony, but no wind or rain. This balcony railing has the great advantage of remaining as beautiful as it was on the first day for decades without further maintenance or painting.

Rebuild parapet

If it is a stable balcony, which was previously complemented by a brick railing, this old masonry can be easily removed during a renovation and re-bricked.

If the exact same clinker bricks are no longer available, contrast colors should be used. For example, gray or white clinker matches very well with a building made of red brick bricks.

Plastic or wooden planks

Significantly cheaper than the two variants mentioned above is a new balcony cladding made of plastic panels. These can be hung on an existing iron railing. However, plastic always ages a bit and lasts only a few years.

Similar to the plastic elements, wooden planks can be used as balcony railings. These must be repainted every one or two years and still do not last forever, as a stainless steel railing could.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not like the railing in a rented property, you should first check the safety of the railing. If this is at risk, the landlord must pay the renewal. If the problem is only in the optics, you can attach printed plastic films, which are made of truck tarpaulin.

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