Balcony railings strike in 3 steps

Whether the balcony railing is made of wood or steel, from time to time you have to repaint it. This only a little preparation and a high quality paint necessary. Especially against the rust on a steel railing something must be done. Subsequently, an opaque paint preserves the steel from another rust attack.

Protect wood or steel

Even though wood and steel are absolutely different materials. Both must be protected from the weather so that they remain stable for many years. The basic principle of painting is always the same. Although there is no need to remove rust from the wood, it should still be sanded with emery cloth before painting. In our example, we paint a metal railing for the balcony.

Swipe out balcony railings step by step

  • rust converter
  • paint
  • dilution
  • wire brush
  • Emery paper different grain sizes
  • brush
  • lacquer bowl
  • cleaning rags

1. De-rust and clean

Rough rust and dirt first remove with a wire brush. Then sand the entire railing with coarse metal sandpaper in an 80 grit. If there is no great rust yet, you only need to grind with a 100 or 120 grit.

2. Convert rust

In the trade there are primers, which are also called rust converter. This way, you do not have to remove any rust as clean as this primer does the work for you. However, the surface can not be quite as smooth after painting as it would be the case, for example, with a stainless steel surface.

3. Painting

Use only brushes that do not hair. The varnish should be transferred to a paint dish as it will help you to brush off the paintbrush. How to prevent stains due to splattered paint. Apply the paint only very thinly. If you prefer to paint the railing in two passes, you prevent color noses and runouts. In between, a sufficient drying time should always be planned.

Tips & Tricks

In a metal railing that is constantly exposed to the weather, thrift would be out of place. Unfortunately you have to use a high-quality anticorrosive paint here. However, this investment pays off, because you do not have to paint the balcony railing so fast again.

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