Balcony renovation - Repair and prevent damage

Dangerously exposed position

Balcony renovation - Repair and prevent damage: repair

Balconies are not easy: through their exposed position they are weather, air pollution and temperature differences exposed by up to 60 degrees.

And this regardless of their structure, because it is always the same: The base forms the support plate, then follows the sealing layer, usually a screed, and finally the wear layer of plastic, tiles or plates, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall shows how damage to "Balkonien" can be done and how renovation is handled correctly.

Water is the biggest enemy of the balcony. Warning sign for serious damage is efflorescence: Water gets under the wear layer via defective joints. When heated, it rises above the mortar to the surface. Visible remains a lime residue.

At minus degrees, the water in the pores turns into ice. The resulting Pressure causes cracksthrough which water penetrates again. The result is larger cracks - a cycle that eventually destroys the building fabric.

Small gap, big damage

A defective seal ultimately puts the support plate in great danger. Penetrate water here, The irons installed for reinforcement rust and the connection to the concrete dissolves: It starts to crumble. What begins with small margins and blossoms ends with flaking and cracks, which later spread to the façade.

This detailed description of the damage clarifies what is important for a refurbishment: Water must drain, the balcony after each rain again completely dry can. This maxim is subordinate to all other points.

So that water does not remain in joints, the balcony surface must be flat and slightly inclined towards the drain. Rainwater should be in one Gather gutter and not just over the edge of the balcony, since with time not only leaves ugly tracks, but can also moisten the masonry.

That is why it is so important, the Drain to the downpipe from leaves to keep clearso that it does not overflow during a downpour.

So no Water penetrate into the protective layer of the support plate can, the joints must be dense and elastic. Even with "floating" laid floor coverings, the water must not jam underneath. The trade stops appropriate drainage systems ready. At the end comes the railing: It should not only look good, but in the first place be safe and stable. When designing, however, tenants and apartment owners must adhere to the guidelines for the house.

Do not wait too long

Balcony renovation - Repair and prevent damage: renovation

Zweiseknirschend the initially only optically poor condition is often accepted, while the condition of the place in the sun continues to deteriorate. And at some point it will be called "access forbidden".

Because the damage only comes to the surface, it has in the underground, where Frost and water a destructive duo formed, rumored already over a longer period. As a reason for the long hesitation is often heard that one Renovation technically very complex and associated with a lot of money and time be. In addition there is the organizational effort in the coordination of roofer, screed, installer and tiler.

But it is also easier and above all faster: With the balcony constructions von Schlüter-Systems are the Tiler system solutions availablethat allow him to offer a free-seat refurbishment from a single source. With good conditions, the balcony or the terrace shines after a short time in a new robe and is again usable.

An essential part of the balcony system, which of course is also suitable for new construction, is the decoupling mat Schlüter-DITRA. you not only decouples the tile from the substrate, causing cracking and flaking be prevented, but at the same time acts as a seal in conjunction with tile or natural stone. In addition, the polyethylene mat allows laying on fresh screed. The second important

Component of the system are the edge profiles of the series Schlüter-BARA. They dress up the outer, side edges and protect the balcony and terrace so from moisture on the flanks. On top of that, the BARA profiles, which are suitable for all conceivable constructions, are carriers for the Schlüter-BARIN gutter system. Information on the system solutions for fast balcony renovation can be found on the Internet (

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