Set up the balcony: stylish or very cozy

In modern life, the balcony is no longer just a source of fresh air. For many people, it represents a part of the private living space and retreat, which they lovingly furnish. Some prefer a stylish and noble interior, another likes it rather cozy. There is something for everyone with our furnishing suggestions!

Weatherproof outdoor furniture as a balcony

In the field of weatherproof furniture, a lot has happened in recent years: In addition to wood, which requires regular care, aluminum and simple plastic furniture, comfortable furniture made of poly rattan is available for purchase. Poly rattan furniture often looks like taken from the living room.

Tables, couches and chairs made of polyrattan not only look good, but they are also easy to clean, weather resistant and have a relatively low weight. The braided surfaces feel elastic and contribute to comfort.

Meanwhile, there are also weatherproof beanbags and cushions for outdoor use, which contribute to the comfort of living on the balcony. Stainless steel lounge furniture with upholstery that quickly dries again after a downpour is part of the upscale living ambience.

Hanging out on the balcony

Swings and hammocks invite you to sunbathe, read and relax. The well-known Hollywood swing is currently experiencing its revival. Exclusive designs, for example, with curved sunroof or in the style of a sofa, correspond to the sophisticated taste.

If you have less space, you may also need a comfortable hanging chair, either in the luxurious basket version or similar to a hammock. Hammocks and armchairs are also available especially for babies or children.

Set up a balcony: our best ideas

The arrangement of a balcony allows a surprisingly diverse range of design options. How about the following home furnishings for your personal outside seating?

  • Easy-care outdoor rug for a comfortable foot feel
  • multifunctional armchairs suitable for sitting and sunbathing
  • Wooden trellis against bare walls: for example greening with clematis or ivy
  • Bioethanol fire bowl with wind protection on glass
  • decorative balcony greenhouse for plant lovers, for example in a display case style
  • homely outdoor floor lamps
  • Screening mats made from natural materials such as bamboo, fern or heather
  • Outdoor coffee table for the living room ambience
  • Folding benches for more storage space when needed
  • Barbecue or outdoor kitchen, where allowed
  • Bonsai trees
  • Flower shelves in the nostalgic look, possibly selbstgezimmert
  • Balcony curtains made of awning fabric or canvas
  • stylish side fans as wind and privacy screens
  • rustic wooden bench with storage space for seat cushions
  • weatherproof cushions in knit look

For a small balcony, there is a limited choice of furnishings. In the 7th part of our series on the balcony design you will learn how you can really start with little space!

Tips & Tricks

A nice set up for the balcony does not have to be expensive. How about buying old furniture from the junk dealer or at the flea market and putting it on the balcony, freshly restored?

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