Add a balcony later: costs and planning

In retrospect, some homeowners want a nice balcony where they can relax in the summer. The subsequent cultivation is possible in most cases, the costs vary.

Where is the best place for the balcony?

Since there are relatively high costs if you have a balcony added later, the previous planning should be perfect. Only in this way can you really enjoy your sunny outdoor seat permanently. Here are the most important tips for the planned cultivation:

  • A lot of sun offers a south balcony.
  • An east balcony is a particularly nice place for breakfast.
  • On a west-facing balcony you can enjoy the sunset.
  • There is a lot to see on the lively side of the house.
  • A balcony on a quiet house side offers the opportunity to relax.

Add a balcony later: These variants are available

The most cost-effective variant is a self-supporting Vorstellbalkon, which stands on four supports and is pegged to the outer wall by Gleitwandanker. Such a balcony hardly loads the façade and can therefore be installed where the building fabric does not support well.

Add a balcony later: costs and planning: balcony

Attached balconies with only two supports in the front area are fixed with fixed wall anchors, they load the facade with a part of their weight and are already a bit more expensive.

Without supports come cantilever cantilever balconies. They are fixed by means of tie rods and brackets to the respective floor ceiling. This solution is only suitable for well-supporting facades and usually the most expensive variant. The balcony area is limited by design.

These costs will apply to you for retrofitting

You pay in addition to the balcony construction and a balcony railing according to your requirements. Both costs are variable, depending on the design and material. Expect a price of 2,000 EUR for a small, self-supporting Vorstellbalkon without railing.

A simple wooden construction with two columns will cost you about 3,500 EUR, for larger balconies and special requirements, the price increases. The cheapest railing is made of plastic and costs about 20 EUR per running meter.

A balcony railing of Plexiglas costs at least 25 EUR per meter, but here is still a substructure made of metal added. For a railing made of laminated glass you pay from about 80 EUR, stainless steel costs you even from 300 EUR per running meter.

Add a south balcony later: cost example

A homeowner can be a south-facing balcony grow. He chooses a Vorstellbalkon with plastic railing. The installation costs for balcony and railing are added.

Cost overviewprice
1. self-supporting Vorstellbalkon3,000 EUR
2. plastic railing210 EUR
3. Installation costs1,200 EUR
total4,410 EUR

Shadow fall through the new balcony

Also keep in mind that less sun will fall through the windows under the balcony. Is such shading more useful - or will it permanently bother you?

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to install your balcony retroactively in a house that contains several apartments of different owners, you need the consent of the owner community.

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